Audi Club Florida Newsletter June 2019

Gerald Simms took photo on the way home from quattro de Mayo.

Much fun was had this past month by many with trips to Helen and Savannah, GA.  Everyone made it home safe, a couple of us got warnings for equipment, but no tickets.

This past month Audi Club of Florida had luncheons in Jacksonville, Tampa, Gainesville, and the reactivation of the Emerald Coast Region under the leadership of Bobby Hopp and Melisa Wilcox.    I have more in the works, Miami, Space Coast, and Orlando Area are what is being worked and discussed now. It takes time. planning and some footwork to pull off, but I am working to get more regions active.

The planning for the Annual Key West Drive is going well. This year will be an ACNA member’s only event. With that said if you join ACNA to participate in this event as a new first time member to ACNA, the board of directors and I will waive your registration fee as your welcome ACNA. You get the members privileges and registration for $49, my initial plan was $40 for non-member of ACNA.  This is a onetime deal, so if you have ever thought about joining, now is the time.  I have to have verifiable membership with ACNA no later than 8 August.  With the five sponsors currently the odds of you not getting your registration fee and membership fee, or most likely both back in swag and prizes is very slim.  Registration fee for existing and renewing members will be $30 per car due in by 9 August. In a separate email, I will address the payment procedures and methods for registration.

We have secured a group rate thanks to Andreas, for August 23rd-25th at the Key West Marriott Beachside.  Although we plan to drive down from Miami / Pembroke Pines area to Key West on August 24th, the hotel extended the group rate to two nights before just in case anyone desires to go on down and meet us there, and one night after if anyone wants an extra day in Key West to explore.  The room rate is $189; the one bedroom suite is $259.  The hotel restaurant has an awesome dinner menu, and an excellent breakfast.  You can call the hotel or use the link below to reserve.  Get a roommate or mates if you are single and split room or better yet a suite. The suites are huge, have a balcony and sofa bed also. You can call (305) 296-8100 or use the link below.

Book your group rate for Audi Room Block

Event Summary:
Audi Room Block
Start Date: Thursday, August 22, 2019
End Date: Monday, August 26, 2019
Last Day to Book: Friday, July 26, 2019
Hotel(s) offering your special group rate:
  • Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel for 189 USD – 259 USD per night

 Lastly, if anyone has a roof rack for a B8-B8.5 2008-2016 Audi A4/S4/RS4 laying around in their garage, we could use one for transporting our club tent to events.  If you have one you would like to part with, contact Bob Greving or myself. Buying a new one is an option, but Board of Directors and I feel we should save the money if possible for events.

Gerry Simms

President and BoD Member

Chapter Regional Reports 

First Coast Region


June 17th 1:00 PM – Audi Quattro Cup at Queens Harbor – Event rescheduled to avoid Father’s Day Conflict

Audi Quattro Cup

In the spirit of innovation and performance, Audi and the sport of golf come together to form the Audi quattro Cup, one of the largest amateur golf tournaments in the world. Every year thousands of golfers with a passion for both performance and excellence gather at local tournaments across the country to compete for a chance to secure their place at the United States Final and ultimately, earn a spot in the World Final.  The new Q3 may be on display for this event.

72 spots with a shotgun start open to anybody, food, swag and prizes.  There is an Audi for a hole in one.    Winning team goes to Kiawah Island Golf Resort.   Email Stephan Gronberg for details at [email protected].

June 22nd1PM-6PM – Audi Test Track at TIAA Stadium Lot “E”

This will be an event hosted by Audi of Jacksonville and Audi of Orange Park.  The e-tron will be available to test drive, and it will be the Audi Jacksonville e-tron launch event.  Drivers will get to cruise a course in various vehicles with a dealer representative explaining the vehicles capabilities and giving a short training session to familiarize the driver with the vehicle.

June Audi Club Special:  

Since so many people are using this special, they are holding it over to say thank you.  20% off Audi branded parts and accessories for over the counter or shop repairs.  Get your new windshield wipers and any other items you need for your car at a discount.  There are a couple exceptions, batteries and tires.  Bring printout of this newsletter page to redeem this offer.

Newsflash: There are some significant savings available based on availability at their two local Audi dealerships.

TT RS and RS 3’s have arrived at the dealership.  Get them while they are hot!

e-tron – an Edition One is available in Daytona Grey

2020 R8 available to order.

New Q3 taking orders, slated for August arrival.

$10K off 2018 RS5 – White and that beast looks great

Big discounts on 2018 A6 and A7 at Orange Park

2019 A3, A4, A6, Q5, Q7 have special leasing options available. See website for details.

Incentives that can be paired with ACNA Member discount:


2019 A8- If you already own an A8 and buy an A8, $3K plus club price.

2019 A7- If you already own an A6 and buy an A6, $3K plus club price.

2019 Q8 Premium if you own any Audi, $2750 plus club price. 


2019 A3- If you already own or lease an A3 and lease an A3, $5K plus club price.

2019 A4- If you already own or lease an A4 and lease an A4, $4K plus club price.

2019 A4- If you already own or lease an A4 and lease a S4, $4K plus club price.

First Coast Region June Luncheon

The First Coast Region June Monthly Luncheon after the Automotive Addict Cars and Coffee at The Amelia’s Cars & Coffee at the Avenues Mall will be Saturday, June 8th, 2019 at 11 AM At Bahama Breeze 10205 River Coast Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32246 at the St. Johns Town Center.  RSVP to the JaxRings Facebook page or email me by Wednesday 5 June if you are planning to attend.

First Coast Region (Jacksonville)

Leslie de la Serna First Coast Region Lead

[email protected]

Gulf Coast Region June Report

A Photo from Auto Moto Sport showing an RS 7 test mule, note the RS exhaust, A7 markings and roll bars.  There are also non RS 7 TSFI engine designations.  The exhaust tips and wheel flares are the immediate giveaway

While some are awaiting the arrival of the new 2020 A7 and S7, news from Ingolstadt is that these models are presently available and on sale Germany as TDI’s. Yes the S6, S6 Avant and S7 are TDI’s in Germany but will be V6 turbos in the US using the same engines as in the RS 5 for us. Here is a link to that news flash should you like to confirm it, It was not that many years ago the SQ5 was diesel powered in Germany but gas here. Frankly, I was quite surprised and went to the site to build an S7 and yes, there it was with a diesel engine.  Perhaps their CAFÉ standards are a bit more draconic than ours or the diesels are not the self-inflicted dirty word that they have become here. There will be V8 RS versions down the road as seen in the above picture of a test mule.

The new 2020 A4 is also on its way. Here is a link to an Audi press release.

Audi A4 News Release

Note that the S4 will also be a TDI with an expected fuel consumption of up to 37.9 MPG expected. The US market will get a gas version of about the same hose power and performance but considerably less MPG. One can only wonder how many S4 Avant diesels they would have sold last April. Perhaps sales would not have been down 21% to 2018.

UroTuning Report

Summer is on its way and perhaps it is not a bad time to check your cooling system.  UroTuning not only provides the goods to help your Audi to go faster but also to keep it going.  In the end we are basically driving in summer close to ten months of the year so keeping your hoses and coolant in A1 condition are important but also your oil is an important part of your engine’s cooling functions.  I know the period between oil changes is now measured in literally thousands of miles and often in years and some may take issue with this but changing ones oil more frequently than the “book” along with a high grade filter is more than an ounce of prevention. UroTuning can be of some help here with high quality oils plus you will receive your ACFL newsletter discount. Just mention 1906when ordering. Considering the tolerances and temperatures of the new Audi engines along with the turbo chargers, clean lubricants are an integral part in insuring their continued operation.

I understand that the a few of the UroTuning team have been on the road in May supporting the Alpine VAG Fair show in Helen Georgia and then the European Experience Show in Savannah as Title sponsors. All part of UroTuning’s commitment to the enthusiast and supporting events that allow those dedicated car enthusiasts an opportunity to get together and share their common interest.  Now it’s time to start really digging in and planning for FixxFest which will be here before we know it! As we look forward to FixxFest in November, it is also not too soon to pick up some of those special carbon fiber items to not only enhance and personalize the look of your Audi for the Audi Corral “Show and Shine” competition and possibly bring home some honors but also tuner parts to improve its performance with some go faster item for a few runs down the strip. Remember the June 1906 code when you stop to order and to obtain the additional up to an extra 5% discount on certain items. So check out our Prestige Partner, UroTuning at , register your Audi and start having fun browsing even if you are not behind the wheel of your Audi. Justin and his team at UroTuning are looking forward to exceeding your expectations in Product, Price, Knowledge and Service.

Audi Clearwater Report

The sale on RS models continues and should you seriously be in the market for a 2019 Audi RS 5 Sportback or TT RS, ones that are fully loaded or even just thinking about it, you may be more than just pleasantly surprised, as JB, Sales Manager of Audi Clearwater has only three RS 5s  and one TT RS left in stock. One RS 5 is green and as of this writing the second, is a sister ship to the one pictured below.  I would suggest that you give him a shout as he is dealing. Generally RS models seldom are considered for markdowns but call him directly on his personal cell at 407-470-3718 for all of the details. There is clearly a reason Audi Clearwater was the leading Audi Dealership in District 81 for sales in the month of April. It is not just due to the fact that folks are returning because of their excellence in customer service but new customers are finding out that JB is providing exceptional pricing on new Audis and as he mentioned when I visited with him the other day, he plans to keep Audi Clearwater second to none.

2019 RS 5 Sportbacks, Photo from Yes, here is the photo from last month and Audi Clearwater has the sister ship of the first one, same color, including wheels and carbon fiber options.  It is sitting in their showroom.

In addition, for in stock vehicles, there is up to $6,000 off of MSRP on 2019 Q5’s  and up to $8,000 off of MSRP on 2019 Q7’s excluding Prestige models and $5,000 lease cash on most all Audi models.

Once again, the above are quite frankly some exceptional deals from our Prestige Partner, Audi Clearwater and especially for recipients of the ACFL newsletter. To ensure you receive these specific savings when you purchase your next new Audi, make sure to contact JB directly at 407-470-3718 and he will get you squared away. In addition, if there is a special Audi your local dealership does not seem able to locate, contact JB, he will find it and get it delivered to you at an exceptional price.

Audi A1 Citycruiser, photo Audi AG.

If you would like to have a little fun building another Audi that you cannot obtain in the US, here is a link to their “Citycruiser” the very cute A1. Audi A1  It is in German but fairly simple and intuitive to figure out how to build.

Cars and Coffee June 1st– 6:30-8:00 AM – Reeves Motorsports

11333 N Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33612

Come early for a good parking space up front

Cheers and Safe Motoring

Bob Greving – Gulf Coast Region Lead and BoD member                                                                                                                                                                             [email protected]

Gator Region

Audi Gainesville – Cars and ‘Que

Saturday June 15thth at 11:00 am join us, the 3rd Saturday of each month we host a friendly gathering of automotive enthusiasts! We will have free brats, drinks and plenty of great music.

Oktoberfest has been rescheduled to October 19th

Gator Region (Gainesville)

Derek Hill Region Lead

[email protected]

Emerald Coast Region ACFL Luncheon

The Emerald Coast Region will hold its second monthly luncheon followed by a trip to Audi Pensacola for a visit. They will dedicate an area for us to park and we will be able to check out the new models they have in inventory, etc. Take this time to meet the crew.  Please RSVP by email or the Facebook page link below.

June [email protected] 12 PM – The Oar House
1000 South Pace Boulevard
Pensacola, FL 32502

Emerald Coast Region – Audi Club Florida

Emerald Coast Region 

Bobby Hopp and Melisa Wilcox Region Leads

[email protected]

[email protected]

Gold Coast Region (Key West to WPB)

Jun0 [email protected] 8:00 am – 10:30 am

Cars and Coffee – Miami @ Casavana Cuban Cuisine

8202 Mills Drive Miami, FL 33183

Andreas Regalado the Golf Coast Region Lead will be attending the Cars and coffee Miami, June 8th 8202 Mills Drive Miami, FL 33183 at Casavana Cuban Cuisine. It starts at 8:00 am. He will be there as well as other Audi owners also. He would be glad to see you there. He has a very nice white Q5, that wins many awards. Get together with people with similar interests, for tech talk, ideas or just inspiration from each others rides.

Gold Coast Region (Key West to WPB)

Andreas Regalado Region Lead and BoD Member

[email protected]

Andreas Regalado Region Lead and BoD Member

[email protected] 

Also please thank our  all our Prestige Partners in this newsletter by visiting their places of business or website and see what they have for you.  That does it for now, looking forward to seeing and meeting as many of you as possible.

Gerry Simms President  and BoD Member

[email protected] Prestige Sponsor