Five Instagrammers Audi Enthusiasts Need to Follow

words: Denis Podmarkov, above photo: Marc Urbano

Editor’s note: This article originally ran in the Q1 2019 issue of quattro magazine.

There is no doubt of Instagram’s importance as an inspiration for and outlet of photographic creativity. The Audi community is strong on Instagram and so we turn to regular contributor, B8 A5/D2 Audi exclusive S8 owner, and can’t-miss photographer and Instagrammer in his own right, Denis Podmarkov, to choose his picks for must-follow profiles on Instagram. Tp that end, Denis will be compiling this list as a recurring feature in quattro magazine. On Instagram, you can also follow Audi Club at @AudiClubNA and follow Denis directly at @_dpod_ . – Editor

Marc Urbano

Marc Urbano isn’t just an industry-leading automotive photographer. He’s also an owner of two Audi Avants. You may have seen his work in magazines like Car & Driver and Road & Track or perhaps you saw our feature in this magazine last winter and learned that he’s one of the lead photographers for Porsche Cars North America. Whatever. He’s worth a follow.

Audi Seattle:

Those who went to last year’s Audi Club Nationals event in Seattle know just how cool that city can be. If you’re Audi shopping anywhere near there, make a stop at Audi Seattle. Their Instagram feed is filled with original content created by Ben Moses (@benmosesphoto). Give them a follow, and consider following Ben while you’re at it.

Sleeper S6 – Maneesh

I’m not going to lie. Ever since I’ve seen Maneesh’s S6, it really made me want one. The color… the Brixton Forged wheels…believe me. I went to look at C7 S6s after I found his feed. Maneesh works with a lot of great photographers from the Bay Area, meaning an incredible mix of shots of his very impressive car.

Imola Media

Yes, it’s a personal shout-out. My new startup, Imola Media, has been a contributor to Audi Club and quattro magazine for over a year now. You’ve seen our work in this issue and others. You might have also seen their content on our Instagram page. Give us a follow and you’ll get early previews for upcoming features.


Allan McNish

Even Le Mans champions hang out on Instagram. Nowadays, Allan McNish is the Audi Sport Formula E team principal, an Audi Ambassador, and occasional commentator. He’s a former FIA WEC champion and Le Mans winner with Audi. Nowadays, he lives in Monaco and shares a look into his personal life, be it at Audi or at holiday parties with his racing driver neighbors. It’s not to miss.