Fiscal Year 2021: Audi Group Achieves All-Time Highs in Operating Profit and Net Cash Flow

source: Audi AG

  • CEO Markus Duesmann: “Audi has a clear plan for the electric and digital future.”
  • CFO Jürgen Rittersberger: “In a very challenging environment, we showed our financial strengths.”
  • Operating profit of 5.5 billion euros and net cash flow of 7.8 billion euros
  • Brand group: Joint goals and synergy potentials in high nine-figure range

In the challenging fiscal year of 2021, Audi once again put its strengths to the test. The Audi Group achieved all-time highs in operating profit and net cash flow. Revenue last year was around 53 billion euros. Operating profit reached 5.5 billion euros, while operating return on sales amounted to 10.4 percent. The Audi Group’s high net cash flow of 7.8 billion euros attests to its strong ability to self-finance. In addition to active management of the semiconductor scarcity and strict cost discipline, other drivers of the positive earnings performance included good pricing positions, strong residual values, the good performance of Lamborghini and Ducati and tailwinds from raw material rating and currency effects. At the same time, Audi resolutely continued its transformational course and increased deliveries of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) by 57.5 percent. The concrete effects of the war in Ukraine on the Audi Group’s business cannot yet conclusively be estimated.