Find(s) of the Day: Three Race Ready 2020/2021 Audi Sport RS 3 LMS TCR

words: Bill, photos:

Editor’s note: I was just contacted and the price has been dropped to $130,000. Now go and buy one!

Oh…last week we featured a Champion Racing RS 4 as a Find of the Day. Today? Not one, not two, but THREE Audi Sport TS 3 LMS TCR cars. These are race ready, turn key cars. Here’s the ad:

For the racer or the wannabe racer.  There are 3 2020/2021 TCR Audi RS3 LMS turnkey racecars on the ground and ready to go.  List price is $145,000.  Strong offers will be considered.  If you’re planning your race season, these cars are available for immediately delivery.  Specs sheets are listed in the pics section.  Any questions, please contact me.

Now that’s not $145,000 for all three; that’s $145,000 for each. But it’s probably worth it when you show up at the next Audi Club High Performance Driving Event in your own Audi Sport RS 3 LMC TCR race car. You would be the envy of the paddock. While not quattro and not a 5 cylinder, these TCR cars have more than proven they are capable of winning races. If there’s room in your garage for one (or three), you can find them HERE. Thanks Mike for the heads up.