Find(s) of the Day: A Collection of 8 DKWs

words: Bill, photos: Craigslist

Well this is something new. First of all, I can’t remember when I’ve actually featured a FOTD from Craigslist (remember when we could find all the cool stuff there?) and secondly, a collection of 8 DKWs for sale? Here’s the ad:

I lost my lease and need to sell all these DKW’s. The past owner lost some engine blocks. There are only 3 or 4 blocks. I have all the heads and carbs, trannys etc. There are 8 cars. I have six titles. If anybody wants to get in the DKW business, this is a good start.

These are cool cars. They are two stroke. One of them is the Munga Jeep. Please call if you have any question or want to look at them.

While the whole collection is cool, the one I’m looking at is the one at the end: the DKW Munga. If you’re not familiar with it, it is an off-road vehicle built for both the military and civilian markets. Almost 47,000 were built but they are a rare sight here in the States. Granted this one is in questionable shape and may be one that doesn’t have a title still, I can dream right? You can find this collection of DKWs for $6,500 HERE.