Find of the (future) Day: 2019 Hot Wheels Audi Sport quattro (1:64 Scale)

[photo: Hot Wheels Dream Team Instagram] 

Instagram is great; it’s one of my favorite social media platforms (here is where I put a commercial that we also have an Instagram account, AudiClubNA). Not only can you see the latest things your friends visited, ate, drove, you can find gems like this.

Scrolling through last night, this diecast caught my eye (obviously). Hot Wheels Dream Team previewed this Sport quattro. From reading the replies, it looks to be released sometime in 2019 as a 1:64 scale Mainline model.

Eagle eyed fans may say that it looks like they cut it short and some replies says it’s a little skinny but who cares…look at those turbofan wheels. I can’t wait for these to be released so I can buy one…dozen.