Find of the Day: Zero-Mile Audi 2.2L 5-Cylinder Crate Engine

words: Bill, photos: Rob Harling

You have all the pieces you need for that resto-project you are working on but you are missing the heart of the beast. Well, I may have just found it for you. Actually, this was passed onto me by a friend through another friend but I assure you, this isn’t one of those ‘whisper down the line’ type of things; it’s real. What you see before you is a claimed zero-mile crate 2.2l 5-cylinder engine.

Now I’m no mechanic; I can barely identify a spark plug from a fan belt but this looks like it could be a pretty good deal for the person who needs it to complete or start a project. Here’s the ad:

Brand new. 0 miles.. 2.2l 5cyl audi motor.. was for an 84 coupe gt project. Was in dry storage all except the last 8 months.. $$400$$ cash picked up.. located richfield pa 17086. We can freight ship on your dime.. please pm with any questions.

$400? That sounds like a bargain. It’s in a Facebook group called Small Chassis Audi which is a private group so you have to request to become a member but that’s a small price to pay for an engine which has a small price tag. If you are interested, you can find it HERE. Thanks for the heads up, Jamie and George.