Find of the Day: Weekly Throwdown Edition Episode 1 Recap and a Preview of Episode 2

words: Bill

So Episode 1 of the Find of the Day: Throwdown Edition is in the bag and what a fun and learning experience it was. All of our guests brought their A game and as we had hoped, there was great discussion and banter amongst everyone but the questions remains…which Audi S2 should have been crowned as THE Find of the Day? Will Barber’s 600hp S2 hillclimb race car or Jamie Orr’s S2 Avant?

John Acton may actually buy the ur-S4 he found which would be rad, I can only dream about the 1986 Treser quattro with an RS2 engine and transmission, and Jamie may buy that €999 Avant.

You can watch the whole video below and decide which FOTD you would want to buy.

This week for episode 2, we have 3 new guests: Ryan Compton, Audi Club Board member and hoarder of MK1 TTs; Tim Enders, former VWVortex/Fourtitude staff and Ducati rider who wants to motor around the world; and Dan Gray, builder of awesome Avants. It’ll be the same format of a round robin discussion with a winner picked after each round. The categories this week are: 1) Dream car – no price restriction, 2) Obtainable/Daily – price capped at $50,000, and 3) Bargain/Beater – $5,000 and under.

From the banter going on in the group text, it seems like everyone is already claiming victory on their picks for this week. Join us this Friday at 7pm EST on Facebook Live at the Audi Club North America page for another episode of Find of the Day: Throwdown Edition.