Find of the Day: Throwdown Edition Episode 6: Volkswagen vs Audi

words: Bill

Episode 6 was different. We’ve pitted chapters against chapters but this time, we went head to head with Team Volkswagen. Specifically Megan Closset (it’s not pronounced like closet…think French), product manager of the Golf line and uber-enthusiast; Sean Maynard, marketing specialist at VWoA and builder of VWs I want, and finally returning guest, Jamie Orr, world traveller and also builder of VWs I want…there’s a theme running here.

Two of this week’s categories were Volkswagen and Audi models that shared the same engine: 2.0T and the great VR6. The last category was the coolest VW Iltis or DKW Munga (grandfathers of quattro) we could collectively find. As usual, rules weren’t really followed and Sean wasn’t paying attention during our pre-live briefs as he brought just Volkswagens to an Audi fight; not that there’s anything wrong with that. We were having so much fun, we broke Facebook mid-episode and had to scramble to YouTube Live.

My favorite category was the VR6 one. There’s nothing better in this world that sounds like the angry Wookie except for maybe the angry Audi 5. Jamie won with a “for sale” B5 Avant…whatever.

And he also won the 2.0T category with a Glut TTS and rightly so BUT it was almost won by a beat-to-hell VW MKV Jetta Sportwagen…thanks Sean.

The last category was the VW/DKW grandpa. Would Jamie sweep this week? Find out by watching the video.

This week, we welcome New German Performance to the show. We’re placing their Virginia shop against their Maryland shop. NGP oversees the U.S. Audi Tradition fleet (including my baby, the 1984 Volkswagen DoKa I named Michele); their shops are the best around for regular service or if you want to build your project, and they just happen to have two Audi RS 3 TCR cars that they will be racing next month in the 2020 SRO World Challenge Championship.

John Martin from the Virginia shop will go up against his colleagues from the Maryland shop, Dave Graf and Mike Humphrey. We may have to use a dump button on Dave as he has a fouler mouth than I do. Since NGP has the Tradition fleet, race cars, and work on modified cars, those are our categories this week. Join in tonight at 7pm EST on our Audi Club Facebook page!