Find of the Day: Prior Design Widebody 1992 Audi S2 Coupé


The B3 coupé, like the Mk1 TT that followed, is a timeless classic design. We in the States only got the NA 5-cylinder Coupé quattro which is a beautiful car but we looked with envy across the pond as the Europeans got the hotter S2 and even hotter RS2. Well lucky for us, they’re old enough to import now and this one should be on everyone’s list. Here’s the ad (translated from German):

Audi S2 Coupé ABY 1994
engine original without tuning 230PS

Condition currently NEW built:
Prior widebody kit No. 40 Limited with all documents

Rustproof underbody, all axle parts including frame parts, black powder coated/painted,
bushings and joints, NEW brake, EBC, complete with steel braided cables, NEW KW Gepfeffert variant 3 coilover kit, new
cup rims RS2 look 9.5×18 at the front, 11.5×18 at the rear and tires

NEW Recaro PolePosition ABE, NEW interior complete roof lining , dashboard, center console, ABC columns, door panels, etc. Alcantara NEW, Clubsport bar NEW

As seen, this one has the Prior Design widebody kit. Prior Design is still around and making kits for the current Audi models such as the A4/A5, A6/A7. and even the Q3. This kit was €6,000 and obviously is no longer produced. It consisted of front/rear bumpers, side skirts, front fenders, rear wide fenders, and a rear trunk spoiler. It makes a B3 Coupé so much more aggressive and definitely a crowd pleaser. What may not please you is the mileage: 267,000 kilometers (165,900 miles). Also, the price…€73,999 ($78,065USD). While both are steep, it may be worth it to have a limited Prior Design Audi S2 coupé. You can find it HERE.