Find of the Day: One-Owner 1989 Audi quattro Coupé

words: Bill, photos:

Iconic cars from my youth are getting harder and more expensive to find and this example is no different. Gleaming in the eye-catching Tornado Red, this one-owner quattro waits for its next owner. Here’s the ad (translated from German):

We picked up the car from the Audi factory in 1989 and it
has been in our family ever since. 1 hand.
Completely original.
Including original radio, replacement wheel, etc.
Rims were milled in 2020.
Paintwork prepared in 2021.
Driver’s seat 2020 worked up at the saddler on the edge.
Bonnet replaced at Audi in 2000 due to fading.
Bumper replaced at Audi in 2000 because of tar stains.
Seasonal vehicle for more than 20 years.
Driven only in summer.

The car does not have to be sold.
But in the last 10 years, due to a lack of opportunity, I have
covered 600km from TÜV to TÜV.

MOT up to 9/22 when buying new.

From the pictures, it looks to be in really good condition with no evidence of rust or accident damage. The price? €100,000 ($111,618 USD). By contrast, you could win a 1985 Audi quattro Coupé from our Audi Club Sweepstakes for as little as $25…a fraction of a fraction of the cost AND it’s already here AND you can see it at events that Audi Club is looking to take ours to. You can find this one-owner 1989 Audi Quattro Coupé HERE.