Find of the Day: OEM Plus Green A6 allroad on Cars & Bids (Spoiler Alert)

In the Audi lineup, the C8 A6 allroad is an unsung hero. Crossovers tend to get all the volume, but the A6 allroad takes up a special place. Its presence allowed the RS 6 to be federalized, and it’s a substantive long roof in its own right, with turbocharged V6 and adjustable air suspension. And at about half the price of the RS 6, it’s a veritable bargain. So is it an RS 6-light then? Well, in some specs that’s a reach but in the spec of this used example we found on Cars and Bids this week, we think the answer is yes.

This one appears to be enthusiast-owned, with a mix of aftermarket modifications and a decidedly OEM-plus look. Spoiler alert, it’s not green. While it definitely appears almost Goodwood Green in the photos, it is confirmed in the auction listing as a wrap on a white car. Nevertheless, it’s handsome and pairs well with the dark Okapi Brown leather that RS 6 owners can’t order even if they want it.

So if you’ve had a hankering for an RS 6 but haven’t been able to justify the splurge, we’d suggest you take a closer look at this Jersey-based long roof build as it makes a compelling case.

Find it HERE.