Find of the Day: NOS Minichamps 1:43 Audi Sport quattro Pike’s Peak

Today’s Find of the Day goes out to the scale model collectors amongst us. Rare and out of production models tend to pull a serious premium on auction sites like Ebay, and that’s if you can find them at all. Take for example the Minichamps’ 1:43 iteration of Walter Röhrl’s 1987 Audi Sport quattro Pike’s Peak racer.

Minichamps did a limited edition run (6687 units) back in 2006, complete with cool display box featuring a map of the Pike’s Peak hillclimb. It seems at least one of those units wasn’t sold back at the time, and its #1111 series number is extra cool given the Sport quattro’s running number was #1.

Doing some digging around he Minichamps website, we’ve found they auction off old and out of production units and amongst them is this Audi Sport quattro. Current pricing on the auction appears to be a reasonable 61 Euros. When you consider a typical 1:43 scale Minichamps model typically goes for around $50, it’s clear there’s not much premium built in… at least not yet.

Worth noting, this auction is direct with Minichamps. The car is probably located in Germany, so any likely American reader of ours will want to note that they’ll have to ship it to the USA. Even still, we doubt that’ll stop any serious model collector.

More information HERE.