Find of the Day: Nogaro Blue RS e-tron GT at Audi Lancaster

The RS e-tron GT is new enough in Audi of America’s lineup that tailored Audi exclusive versions are still relatively rare. So, when they do pop up, we definitely take notice… especially if it’s an iconic and sought-after color like Nogaro Blue.

This particular version is especially interesting, because it’s both highly desirable and new inventory (so available). It’s currently sitting in inventory at Audi Lancaster in central Pennsylvania. Yes, we know, some of these listings can be a little deceiving depending on the light. Stock colors such as Ascari Blue can appear as Nogaro in certain ways, but in real life they’re nothing alike. In as much, we rang up Audi Lancaster that’s also local to our Central PA office and verified that it is in fact Nogaro. Special thanks to Cailey Barham, an Audi Brand Ambassador at Audi Lancaster who was kind enough to confirm and give us more info on the car.

Check out more details on the car at Audi Lancasater’s website HERE.