Find of the Day: Nogaro Blue RS 6 Tribute on CarsAndBids

When Audi launched the current RS 6 Avant into the U.S. market in 2021, it led the charge with the “RS Tribute Edition”, a model built to pay homage to the iconic RS2 of the 1990s. Only 25 examples were built to an identical spec, featuring Nogaro Blue paint, red brake calipers, silver optic 5-spoke wheels, black optic trim, and blue-stitched interior with additional leather on surfaces such as seat base sides.

With just 25 built, this already made the cars very sought-after, but Audi didn’t stop there in regards to creating demand around the cars. For starters, you couldn’t order them. The cars were awarded to 25 dealers around the U.S.A. and were not assigned to any particular customer, meaning the dealers could sell this very hot property to whomever they wished. Also, Audi locked out the highly sought-after Nogaro Blue paint from being used on further RS 6 orders… a hold that remains to this day, but that could be lifted when the updated RS 6 arrives soon.

It’s rare that the “Tributes” hit the market, and when they do the tight-knit RS 6 community usually knows which one it is and hears about it. Typically they fetch a premium, so that one is available on one an enthusiast auction sites like Doug Demuro’s CarsAndBids means it’ll be an interesting litmus of where the market is on these cars… and possibly a deal to one lucky bidder.

The car in question is located in Bellevue, Washington. It’s got 9,300 miles on it, an ABT performance kit, tinted windows and paint protection film. If you’re interested, you can check out the listing and watch the bidding (currently at $102,000) over on