Find of the Day: James Sofronas’ GMG Racing R8 Spyder

For anyone considering picking up a current-generation Audi R8 Spyder, we’ve found a very slightly used example on the market that may be of particular interest. The OEM plus looking Spyder you see here is owned by GMG Racing owner and Audi R8 GT4 racer James Sofronas, and it could be yours.

This R8 Spyder is a 2017, and has logged just 1,400 miles. And, while it hasn’t logged much distance, James utilized his own GMG Racing shop to make sure it was highly tailored to his tastes. The rundown is impressive.

For starters, the car sits slightly lower. That’s probably obvious from the photos, but it’s worth noting that it has H&R lower springs, not to mention a second alignment to make sure all is sorted. It also rolls on the original factory optioned 20-inch wheels, though they’ve been custom powder coated in gloss black.

Exterior modifications were also made to further subtly differentiate the car. This includes gloss black Audi rings emblems and “R8” factory emblems, not to mention an OEM carbon fiber rear spoiler from the R8 V10 plus. The latter, in particular, adds a great look to the Spyder which doesn’t come from the factory with this piece unlike the V10 plus coupĂ©.

Finally, there’s also an audible upgrade. The Spyder’s got a GMG Sport Exhaust for the R8 that augments the sound of the high-revving naturally aspirated V10.

Sofronas is asking $169,000 for the car. If you’re interested in learning more, check it out on GMG Racing’s Facebook page HERE.