Find of the Day: Illuminated Audi Dealer Sign on Bring a Trailer

No doubt a sought-after piece for the garage of any Audi enthusiast is a vintage Audi dealer sign. Dealer collateral such as this tends to be worn and possibly damaged over time, but in this case it appears to be practically brand new. Even better, it retains the original box framing and lighting.

Near as we can tell, this is very early U.S. market signage, from the Porsche + Audi launch phase in the 1970s, but without any of the Porsche reference. At that time, Audi tended to use this simple script logo and blue coloring.

Below is the description from Bring a Trailer.

This illuminated Audi sign measures approximately 74″ wide by 26″ tall, and its translucent white and blue panel is housed within a metal enclosure. The single-sided sign was acquired by the owner in 2023. Internal illumination is provided by fluorescent bulbs, and the sign is wired for 120-volt circuitry and equipped with a two-prong power cord. Pre-drilled mounting holes are located on the back of the frame. This illuminated Audi sign is now offered by the seller on behalf of the owner at no reserve in Colfax, California.

Bid on the sign and see more photos of it HERE.