Find of the Day: Built OEM Plus Audi 200 20V Avant on BaT Ends in Hours

If you’re a fan of the so-called “Large Chassis Audi” segment (anything C or D segment, typically older) then you’ll know that a 1991 Audi 200 20V Avant is one of the most sought-after. This was the last of the C3-generation for Audi, and it was the only year where the 200 got the more robust 20-valve (3B) 5-cylinder turbo. A manual transmission was the only choice, assuring this would be a wagon enthusiast’s car like few others. Only 150 Avants were imported into the USA. Its design, with it sloping and curved rear glass, is almost part Sportback and part Avant.

This particular car isn’t a bone stock museum piece for the typical collector over on Bring a Trailer, but we think it’s nature may suit the Audi (or Volkswagen Group… VAG) enthusiast more readily. The owner has carefully mixed subtle aftermarket upgrades (suspension, upgraded brakes, exhaust, engine and more), with European market (headlights and more) with other Audi parts bin upgrades (polished 18-inch D2 A8 wheels) for a wolf-in-sheeps-clothing sleeper effect.

The car was a pandemic project for Dan Gray, one of the founders of Long Roof Rally and the builder of a green B7 RS 4 Avant we also featured on this blog and in the pages of quattro Magazine.

This being Bring a Trailer, they’ve catalogued all the details so head over there for specifics. At the moment, bidding on this car is a more than fair, making it a potential deal depending how the last few hours of the auction go. Best of luck for anyone who bids.

Check it out HERE.