Find of the Day: Audi Sport quattro…Sedan

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So what do you get when you have an old Audi 90,  a speed shop, and an idea? A truly awesome Frankenstein Sport quattro…sedan. JEMO Motorsport in Germany did just that but their Frankenstein is a beautiful monster.

And guess what? It’s for sale on Here’s the (translated) ad:

The conversion was completed in 2016/2018 to SportQuattroLimo incl. Test stand run 1111PS with E85 (see diagram in the pictures). Performance currently 720 hp and 715NM to 102 octane Entries all available. Free programmable engine control unit – VEMS – currently with 2 programs on 102 oktan 720ps / 500ps launch control.  

Engine : – 2.2L 20VT engine with JEMO Motorsport X conrod + cylinder head with CAT CAM camshafts + springs + titanium plate, T4 JEMO Mototsport elbows, Holset special loader, 114mm downpipe + 89mm exhaust system, ARP bolt, SQ replic intake manifold, 980 Porsche nozzles with fuel rail and AEROMOTIVE REGULATOR

Gasoline system in dash with catchtank. 1 * 044 in catch and 2 times Pierburg to the engine, CAE shifter with 5-speed 01E currently (can 6 or 5 gears without hassle), intercooler 2x Porsche GT2 rs, NGK race candles, 7A cover with KGE ventilation, KGE catchtank with return and so on …. New lacquer inside and outside All axles powdered and newly stored (aluminum and PU bearings) + H & R suspension Wiechers cage with roof cross, flank protection etc … Rims 10×18 Azev A;)

Sale without return, warranty, warranty or liability for anything. Only contact if you agree

Ad says that they will not ship to the States but we know a guy…you can have this in your garage in a couple of months. Bid on it now on The Buy-It-Now price is €69,999.00 ($77,863USD). That’s a great price for a 720hp one-of-a-kind…in the States at least. Find the ad HERE