Find of the Day: Audi C5 allroad AKA The Beast

words: Bill, photos: Tuan Pham

Word came out yesterday that the 2020 Audi A6 allroad will make its way to U.S. shores and one of its 1st appearances will be at the exclusive Audi Club Nationals 2019 event (there’s still time to sign up for the Audi Oktober Concours & Tech Talk on Saturday Oct 19th to see the A6 allroad and meet Tom Kristensen). Naturally with this news, I decided to see what OG allroad was out there for sale. The last year for the C5 was 2005 and then we didn’t see an allroad on our shores until 2013 (B8.5 A4). With the arrival of the new allroad, we now have the A4 allroad and the A6 allroad…still following me? Well you’re going to want to with this fantastic example.

Social media can be annoying sometimes but then it redeemed itself when I found this C5 allroad AKA The Beast. There’s nothing more I can add to the description that the seller wrote out so here’s the ad:

The BEAST is now for sale. This is probably the best or for certain one of the BEST examples of a 2.7t Audi allroad in the US. Stage 3+ with full build thread, TDI Manual 6 Speed Transmission 0e1, Full BBK, RNS-E, and much more. This car is a sleeper that gets a lot of compliments.

I am selling because I have an addiction of viewing AZ Audi classifieds and bought another car.

Look what other AZ members have said about this car:

Below is a list of list of over 500 hours of man hours completed by original owner (not counting monthly maintenance). See link here

This car was bought by myself 1+ year ago and since then maintained exclusively by Brink Motorsports in Austin, TX. You can call Michael Brink (the owner) and he can tell you how OCD I am about car. This car is my daily driver and ONLY ~3,000 miles put on in the past year including BRAND NEW TURBO rebuild which means ~3k miles only on new turbos. Interior is a 9/10, exterior is 9/10, mechanically it is a 10/10. See below for more details.

NO CEL and NO CODES! No brake squeaks or wobble, no clutch noise, no NVH, no drivetrain clunk, car idles like stock and drives like new. Clutch is upgraded but feels close to OEM and smooth. ECU is tuned with map switching. Maps include 12psi, 16psi, 21psi, 26psi (meth dependent). ECU tune can be further tuned and revised for your altitude and tune can be transferred to you.

Sweet start up video, Watch the boost gauge sweep. You won’t see that in other Allroads. Listen to Magnaflow exhaust too.

Video walk through:

Original list of mods followed by recent mods:

* EURO RNSE. Bluetooth function currently disconnected and can be easily reconnected by pulling RNSE out and hooking it up again.
* COLOR MFA center cluster display. Communicates to ECU for codes, logging, etc. VERY RARE!
* GAUGED CA Custom RS gauge faces. VERY RARE.
* Custom Boost gauge in volt meter gauge spot. VERY RARE. SEE VIDEO to see sweet gauges and boost gauge sweep upon start up. Prob no other Allroad has this.
* Built in / Hardwired Valentine V1 Radar Detector + Hidden Mute Button + Custom Mounted Side Display. V1 NOT included, but custom display + hidden mute button included.
* NEW OEM Windshield
* NEW OEM Heated + Multi Function Steering Wheel
* 35% Ceramic Top Tier Tint
* H&R 30MM bolt on spacers in front + 20MM spacers in rear
* 19″ D3 sport wheels w/ conti DW 275/35/19 – ~85% tread remaining.
* Turbo Concepts TC2-T Turbos + aftermarket RS4 Inlet Pipes. TURBOBS REBUILT with TURBO CONCEPTS OE Parts by Majestic Turbo in Waco, TX. ONLY ~3k miles with new turbos!!!
* All silicone intake couplers
* 034 Billet Diverter Valves
* SETRAB Oil Cooler + OEM RS4 Thermostatic Sandwich Plate + Custom oil lines (very difficult to get oil over 250Deg under beating) ~ 14k miles
* OEM 2005 allroad metal throttle body adapter to replace rubber TTB, Custom V-band clamps. Car never has boost leaks any more EVER. 3 Bar map sensor ~ 5K miles
* AEM Digital AFR Gauge Hardwired and concealed into glove box – Currently not connected. No need to connect if you don’t want to revise tune.
* TFSI Coil Conversion
* SRM v3 2.5” ID SMICS
* CSF All Aluminum High Performance Radiator ~ 3k miles.
* Euro C5 A6 Enlarged Glove Box*
* Euro Drivers side knee bolster with wallet holder
* Vehicle Wrap with Dennison Avery Matte Metallic Charcoal. Some spatter from shop solvents. See pictures.
* Wheel Stud Conversion Kit
* OEM front wheel bearings ~5k miles
* 034 Adjustable Upper Control Arms ~5k miles.
* New Arnott front struts & New aftermarket Air Bags. Rear Shocks and Struts are Stock. 402 MOD to lower, completed with IIP Arms. 0.5 inch wheel gap on level 2 ride!!
* Hothkis H-Sports Sway Bars front and rear. Stiff setting in rear ~30K miles
* Front BBK: Giro Disk 2-Piece 350MM Slotted Rotors + BREMBO 18Z custom painted and decaled calipers (OEM brembo seals 10/10 condition) + HAWK HPS pad + StopTech braided lines ~ 20K miles
* Rear BBK: D3 A8 rear 310MM StopTech Slotted Rotors + B7 S4 rear calipers “full rotor contact” + Hawk HPS 5.0 Pad + StopTech braided lines. “Very tight e-brake” ~20K miles
* Belly Pan and Transmission covers included

Previous to 2017
* Custom Interior Trim Wrap in 3M Dark Nidoc Vinyl
* Used engine with 82K, Currently 125K on engine. Timing belt Service done 3000 miles ago
* TDI 01E Transmission From Advanced Automotion. Rebuilt with all upgraded OEM syncros. ~ 27k. SWEET 6th gear for fuel economy. Car SHIFTS like OEM and is smooth.
* Advanced Automation Billet Aluminum Drive Shaft Spacer
* Advanced Automation TDI allroad front axles – 27K miles
* OEM SACHS B5 RS4 Clutch ~25K miles. Never launched, babied. Shifts like silk!
* All new OEM shift linkage bushings, mounts, spring, etc. Stiff Shifter no slop! B7 leather Shift Knob. 27K
* TTV Single Piece 14lb Steel LWFW – 25K miles
* Custom Re-Inforced ¼” Oil Pan skid plate – Welded to oil pan – Only one of 3 in existence to my knowledge because I made them.
* Custom DHM Exhaust cutouts after stock resonator and before stock mufflers (sleeper status if necessary, car runs as quiet as you want it to) Custom single button press to open and close automatically. ~ 40K miles. Currently NOT working as the wires to the box under steering wheel was arced and wire damaged. Can be fixed likely with wire traced and damaged area replaced.
* Wrapped 3” → 2.5” Down Pipes
* Devils own Progressive Meth Injection system + New windshield reservoir. CURRENTLY DISCONNECTED.
* DW300 Fuel Pump – 27K
* JHM EFK – 2 Speed for Summer or Winter – 32K
* AWE Drivetrain Stabilizer – Poly Street Mount – 27K
* Stern Poly Street Engine Mounts – 27K
* Stern Poly Transmission Mounts – 27K
* Apikol Street Poly Diff Carrier Bushings + Street Poly Diff Mount – 27K
* Darintake mod + 85mm Billet Aluminum Maf + EV14 injectors ~ 47K miles
* 4 KLB Tow Hitch + Tow ball + custom / oem trailer plug harness. SEE PICS for AWESOME OEM LOOK that is hidden when not in use.
* Custom Badging
* Custom RS Grill
* 2002 S6 Avant Alcantara Sport Seats. See pics for how well maintained it is.


* NEW OEM spider hose assembly
* Air Suspension Air Compressor pump rebuilt.*
* Replaced both OEM aux electric fans with new OEM. 3 Electric fans total, no cooling problems
* OEM coolant sensors (3 total) w/ 93Deg After Run Pump Switch + New OEM Oil Sensor
* AC dryer. AC is ice cold and no scents
* Bosch Alternator – 5k
* Spark plugs
* MAN oil filter and Motul Euro Blend – every 3K
* Air Filters – every 3K
* Upper Control Arms – 034
* OEM hood strut -5K
* Oem lift gate struts – 5K
* Washer Bottle (used for the wmi, headlight washers are disconnected)
* OEM Power Steering Reservoir
* NEW Battery ~1.5 years old.

MODS/MAINTENANCE in past year:

*The car arrived last Spring 2018 and immediately there was turbo issues and electrical issues. I had the turbos rebuilt by MAJESTIC TURBO in WACO, TX with OEM parts from Turbo Concepts. There was FOD in the wheel so turbos removed and rebuilt. Compressor wheel and other parts were replaced to new. Electrical issues completely fixed with NEW thicker grounding wires. NEW battery also replaced. I had BRINK check all hoses and ANY LOOSE or DAMAGED hoses replaced and new connectors and clamps replaced. All oil changes done regularly at Brink Motorsports.*
*AMBER deleted and headlights CLEAR CORNERED with SYLVANIA clear turn signals that turn amber when flashed.
*NEW MAGNA flow exhaust replaced OEM exhaust.
*NEW Euro Aspherical mirrors placed for blind spot elimination
*New AC charcoal cabin filter replaced.
*Brake Pad warning issue repaired by Brink.
*Roof rails placed back onto car and NEW low profile cross bars on roof rails.
*Subwoofer had insulation placed for better sound.*
*JHM ELECTRIC FAN failed and replaced with NEW JHM ELECTRIC FAN ~2 months ago.*
*CENTER CUP HOLDER added in arm rest.
*OEM BRAND NEW center console cup holder (the one that pops up and out) added to replace dummy non functioning switches.
*Newest MAP DVD for navigation.
*NEW Bosch Aero front wiper blades and Bosch rear wiper blade.
*402 mod for lower setting on level 2. No need to ride on level 1 where it is harsh and bumpy. Has IPR arms so if you want a higher setting with bigger wheels, you can absolutely do it.*
*Window components lubed for smoother movement.

The I NEED SOME WORK (NONE of the following affect drivability). You can daily this car the moment you get it:

* Wide band gauge was repaired for function and logging, but somehow is no longer functioning again. BRINK reports it was a wire under car that was an issue. Wideband needed for logging. Custom tuning can be transferred to you. NO WORK NEEDED IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO REVISE TUNE.
* Bluetooth function was the source of a battery drain. Existing bluetooth function via connection to back of RNSE + aux box for blue tooth will come with car. Also included is a NEW amazon blue tooth box and headphone amplifier (to boost output of sound) for connection with aux box. However this is currently all disconnected from back of RNSE b/c of potential power drain. You can simply pull RNSE forward, hook it back up and it will work. You can manually unplug AUX box in glove box if you worry about power drain. BUT if you drive often enough, it won’t be a problem. I just have this issue b/c I have multiple cars and sometimes won’t drive this car for a bit.
* Driver Side Seat shows some wear on the left but no holes
* Sunroof opens slow. Currently disconnected.
* Passenger door doesn’t latch if pushed hard. Gently works fine.
* Above bluetooth was replaced with NEW bluetooth adapter to back of RNSE and is wired to 75x terminal and works BUT RNSE won’t see this adapter b/c of firmware. Firmware will need to be changed likely for this to work. Or it may be a coding issue. I did not put time into it to figure it out.
* Upon wiring new bluetooth to 75x terminal, knee bolster portion of dash was lowered and custom box for cutouts was moved and the 2 wires for electricity going into box arced (I think this is the term) and caused a spark and electronic cutouts no longer work. I spoke to Peter the original owner and he says likely there is a burnt wire near there that would need to be traced with a voltmeter and repaired to make it work.
* Control arms rubber bushings prob worn as I hear a noise when turning. It does not affect driveability and steering is firm. This steering along with my previous b5 s4 are my favorite cars for how the steering feels.*
* The rear privacy shade has a piece of plastic broken off so it fell off rear hatch. This can be replaced/repaired and does not affect any visible cosmetic issue b/c hatch privacy cover is in place.
* Shop may have had some spray or oil splatter in areas on wrap. See pics. Minor dings in front wrap from rocks from big trucks.

I bought this for $15,400. Selling for $14,250. This won’t last!!

Car is located in Austin, TX. Any questions ask, but I’m pretty sure I covered everything that I can remember!

As you can see. it’s my favorite type of ad: very descriptive and lots of photos/videos. So if you want to celebrate the return of the A6 allroad but don’t have the funds for a 2020, check out this one. Looks like you won’t be sorry. You can find the ad HERE on Audizine.