Find of the Day: 2022 Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 Evocation

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There’s something about bulging fenders and a brace of lights up front…how can you not love it? While not an authentic Sport quattro, this tribute is lovingly detailed and you can actually run it in rallies without fear of destroying an original. Here’s the ad:


  • This Audi Sport Quattro S1 ‘Evocation’ is an incredible tribute to the legendary Evolution 2 (E2) model, built by rally specialists and offering sensational performance. 
  • Under the bonnet is a turbocharged 2.2-litre Audi inline-five, heavily upgraded to produce up to 750hp at 2bar of boost, and around 1,000hp at 3.3bar running on 107-octane race fuel. 
  • There is a continuous four-wheel-drive system with differential locks, driven through a six-speed sequential gearbox. 
  • Custom-built according to how the Sport Quattro was built by Audi Sport in the 1980s, this Evocation was assembled by the Riku Tahko Rally Consulting (RTRC) Team, with input from other specialists. 
  • This car was completed in time for Secto Rally Finland in 2022, where Matias Henkola opened the event by driving it on the Harju Stage.  
  • It has been displayed at numerous events, in magazines and media releases since the build was completed. The car was also used on the Killeri special stage at the Jyväskylä winter rally. At that time, the driver was rally legend Harri Rovanperä (father of 2022 World Rally Champion, Kalle Rovanperä). 
  • The owner states: “The car has been built with longevity and ease of use in mind, with upkeep and maintenance regardless of costs. The car will be sold including its service protocol. The new owner can rely on support in the running procedures from RTRC as well as a shakedown with a walk-through of the car.” 


  • Audi introduced the Sport Quattro S1 at the end of 1984. According to the requirements of Group B, 200 examples for road use were built for homologation, and some 20 Group B racers were created around the same design. Stig Blomqvist and Björn Cederberg took the car to its first WRC victory in the 1984 Rallye Côte d’Ivoire – the same year that Audi took its second Championship title. 
  • At the end of 1985, the ferocious S1 E2 variant was introduced, increasing the power, lowering the weight, and adding dramatic aerodynamic bodywork features. While it only notched up one rally win for the season, it was Audi’s last Group B car, and one example went on to win the 1987 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the hands of Walter Röhrl. 
  • This Evocation faithful interprets this 1980s rally icon in spirit but has a modern and useable driveline. The car was built by Riku Tahko Rally Consulting Team for Secto Automotive owner Matias Henkola. 
  • The bodywork used as the basis was sourced in early 2022 in Sweden, and the car was crafted to match the bespoke appearance of the ‘E2’ works cars, blending elements of Audi 80 and Sport Quattro, and featuring custom subframes for the powertrain. 
  • As can be seen in the photo gallery, the car features the deep front bumper, vented bonnet, boxed wheel arches, aerodynamic wing mirrors, and a substantial rear wing. 
  • It rides on 15-inch Braid motorsport alloy wheels, wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion tyres.
  • The engine used for the project was a turbocharged 2.2-litre unit that had been scratch built for drag racing competition. It is equipped with a large turbocharger that spools up just after 5,000rpm, delivering incredible levels of power: 750hp at 2bar of boost, and around 1,000hp at 3.3bar. 
  • For the gearbox, a modern six-speed sequential unit was installed with a conventional differential lock, while the front and rear axles also have disc locks. A hydraulic handbrake was also fitted. 
  • Rather than being tuned for gravel or other off-road surfaces, the chassis and suspension have been set up for fast road use, specifically conceived for demonstration drives on tarmac or hill climb competitions.  
  • The oils in the engine, transmission and shock absorbers are all fossil-free Lubrican fluids. 
  • Its electrical system is a modern rally specification setup, and there are controls for the boost level and anti-lag on the steering wheel. The dashboard has been left completely stripped-down, with just an electronic display unit ahead of the driver. There is a custom button control panel for elements such as lighting, fans and other ancillaries. 
  • Inside, there is a full roll cage, a pair of Sparco bucket seats, Tilton brake bias adjuster control, drilled metal footrests for driver and co-driver, a fire extinguisher, and an emergency cut-off switch. 
  • Safety equipment is installed according to current standards for competition use, including FIA-approved seats and six-point OMP harnesses. 


  • Please refer to the photo gallery to assess the exterior and interior condition. 
  • Specific notes from the seller include: the body has been recently repainted, but is showing some minor signs of use in line with having been used in a few rally events. 
  • It has driven only a few stages on the current Pirelli Scorpion tyres. 
  • The seller is not aware of any mechanical or electrical faults. 
  • The car has been professionally maintained and serviced between every outing since the build was completed.   


Not to be confused with less well-built replicas, this impressive tribute was constructed as a collaboration between several rally specialists, and it is equipped with a hugely powerful turbocharged engine that gives it incredible pace. Designed as a demonstration ‘show’ car for motorsport events and gatherings, it was built to be driven and not to be kept as a ‘garage queen’. With the genuine Sport Quattro S1 ‘Works’ cars now fetching substantial seven-figure sums, this fastidiously built Evocation is a remarkable custom rally car, which offers the visceral thrills of the 1980s icon at a fraction of the price.   

Current bid is €22,250 ($23,435 USD) with the auction closing on Monday. I wonder how much this will go for? As teh ad says, you can own this tribute for a fraction of the price of a real one. You can find this 2022 Audi Sport quattro S1 E2 EVO along with over 100 photos HERE.