Find of the Day: 2017 1,400HP Twin Turbo Audi R8 V10 plus

words: Bill, photos: Kyle Loftis

For most of us, an R8 V10 plus is good enough but for others? Well, Kyle isn’t like most of us. Not content with the stock 610hp, he went slightly overboard…with twin turbos and 1,400hp. Here’s the ad:

So many extra options on this 1400hp twin turbo build:
BILLET intake manifold, BILLET gear set, Motec with all the goodies! (Launch control, rolling anti-lag, flame thrower maps, valet mode, many protections, auto-shift, etc)
The car was extremely competitive, placing in the top 3 at every single race I took it to.
The car been 203mph in the 1/2 mile and 8.69 @ 167mph in the 1/4 on R888 street tires.
—– Build details —–
The 3-part build series on 1320Video’s YouTube channel from Feb of 2021 (and a whole play list on the car)
2017 V10 Plus R8
AMS Alpha 12 Package
AMS Gearworks stage 5+ transmission
All billet gear set – 1st-3rd gears are new upgraded one-piece design
Dyno’d 1320whp on e85, capable of 1400+ with these turbos
AMS Billet intake manifold
AMS fuel system
Garrett GTX3582 Gen II ball bearing turbos
Motec stand alone ECU
– 1-6 Power MAP selection (800-1000hp on 93 octane > 1000-1320 on E85)
– Launch control
– Rolling anti-lag
– Flex fuel
– Valet mode
– Flame thrower modes
Fire suppression system
HRE SC101SC Wheels – Satin Black + Brushed Dark Clear finish & carbon center caps
Front end PPF & Exoshield on the windshield.
Car is in great condition, the grille could use a fresh paint job and theres a small chip in the windshield, other than that there are no flaws.
Just under 22,000 miles
$289k obo, no trades – [email protected] with questions

Having this much power is like possessing the One Ring to Rule Them All or in this case, Four Rings to Rule Them All. And rule you will. If this tickles your fancy, you can find this 2017 Audi R8 V1 plus plus two turbos and 1,400hp on the Facebook group Exotic Cars For Sale By Owner HERE.