Find of the Day: 2016 Audi SQ5…Manual Swap

words: Bill, photos: Craigslist

Normally I wouldn’t feature a newer Audi here on our Find of the Day unless it’s something very special…and this SQ5 is something very special. What you see here is a manual transmission swapped SQ5. Wait…what? Our quattro Magazine editor-in-chief posted this on Facebook with a caption that just said “Interesting build”. You don’t say *Nicholas Cage face*.

Audi never sold a manual transmission SQ5 nor Q5 here in the States though they did sell a manual Q5 in Europe. The owner took great care in obtaining all the parts to make this 1-of-a-kind SQ5. Here is the ad:

This is the only manual transmission Audi Q-series in North America I’m pretty sure. I spent endless time, had endless headaches and spent a completely irrational amount of money to make this dream a reality.

The SQ5 has 58,000 miles on it. It has been taken care of mechanically better then any other Audi out there. I employed an enthusiast Audi mechanic to do all the work in my garage. (He works on all my cars.)

The interior is flawless.

Nothing was spared on the install of this European spec gearbox. Everything was imported right from Germany and functions like the real thing.

I’ve been driving for about a year and a half now and need to move on. Too many toys and too little time.

Will respond to enthusiasts that have the money and know what they want.

If you need financing, I can put you in touch with someone who can help out.

So the owner spent a lot of time and money building this…kinda wish he would have spent a little more time taking more, and quite frankly, better pictures. But no matter; a manual transmission SQ5 more than makes up for this. This unicorn (would this even be classified as a unicorn?) has 58,000 well-cared-for miles on it and it’s listed for (hold onto your hats) $62,000. Is that worth it to you? If so, you can find the ad HERE.