Find of the Day: 2008 Audi exclusive RS 4 Sedan in Phantom Black Pearl

words: Bill Cho, photos: Kelly Motorcars

Every once in awhile (ok, pretty much every day), I look for cool cars for sale on the internet. Today, I ran across this 2008 RS 4. I see RS 4s come up for sale on a regular basis but what caught my eye on this one was the mileage listed- an almost unbelievable 9,650 miles. I say almost unbelievable because there isn’t an actual photo of the odometer with the car on in the ad.

The second thing I noticed was that this RS 4 is an Audi exclusive model. In 2008, the Audi exclusive package on the RS 4 sedan included red seat trim, red stitching, shiny black piano trim and Audi exclusive badges. You’ll notice that this car seems to have brushed aluminum trim pieces but I like the contrast against the red.

Of course the heart of this beast is the rev happy 4.2 V8. The RS 4 boasts 420 horses, 317 lb-ft of torque and a 0-60 in 4.6 seconds- still respectable these days.

This RS 4 seems to be in good shape, to be expected of a car that only has 9,650 miles. There is no visible interior wear in the usual spots (driver seat bolster, steering wheel, gear shifter, etc.). The exterior seems to have survived in good shape as well. The photos (admittedly not high resolution) show no dings, scrapes, visible rust, curbed wheels, nor scratches.

But the third thing I noticed that could be the deal breaker was the price…an eye-blistering $56,977. New in 2008, you could option up an RS 4 sedan to around $78,000. I found many RS 4s averaging mid $30ks. Of course, those examples have tenfold the mileage and are not as clean as this one. So if you want a very low mileage, very clean, unmolested OEM example of a 2008 Audi exclusive RS 4 sedan and have $56,977 in pocket change, here’s your chariot.

You can find this RS 4 for sale at Kelly Motorcars just outside of Philadelphia and over 60 photos here.

Disclaimer: We are not associated with the seller of any vehicles we highlight on our Find of the Day. – Bill