Find of the Day: 2008 Audi A6 allroad TDI

words: Bill, photos: Audi Bedford

A C6 A6 allroad TDI…now that wouldn’t normally sound weird if we were in Germany but what about Ohio? Ok, now it’s weird. Before the A6 allroad was brought back to the States as a 2020 model, the last US iteration of the bigroad was the C5 and that came with either a gas V6 or a gas V8. So why is this one here and how is it for sale?

I’m part of a Facebook group that posts desirable and/or weird German cars for sale. This one hit the page several hours ago and when I first saw it, I thought it was pretty cool and Find of the Day material but when I actually clicked the link and saw that it was also a TDI, I wanted it…bad. So did a couple of other members of that group. I was making mental calculations on which car I should trade in or just outright tap the home equity line. Bedford is only a little over 5 hours away and I could call out sick the next day…cough cough.

Much speculation was going on…was it a diplomat’s car? That one was shot down when we learned that diplomat cars are shipped back to their country. Ok, how about a US military personnel’s car? That one seemed likely. The only hint we have from the ad is that it was imported from Switzerland and the Carfax shows it was issued an Ohio title in 2009 with 17k miles. So here is where I would normally post the ad’s description of the car but:

DANGIT! While we were speculating, someone scooped the allroad from underneath us. So this is the Find of the Day That Got Away. Maybe, just maybe, it will pop up again soon. I will be ready and will not give y’all the benefit of a heads up. At least you can enjoy the photos.