Find of the Day: 2007 Imola Yellow Audi RS 4

words: Bill, photos: Sean Roberts

RS cars are many things: big, brawny, beautiful…bright? Bright is definitely the word whenever you lay your eyes on Imola Yellow but add the allure of a B7 RS 4 and it becomes desirable…or not.

Back in the day (over 10 years ago), I had a friend who purchased the twin to this car. I loved it but for others, it was a love or hate it kind of thing. When he went to sell it though the haters seem to have won. It took him awhile to get rid of it (he finally traded it in). Today? I still love it but it still seems to evoke the hate/love feeling.

As I was cruising Facebook the other day, I ran across this babe. I spotted the color on my wall before I saw what it was. Here’s the ad:

Helping my dad sell his baby. This car has been meticuloulsly maintained and has never seen a winter. Don’t miss your chance at this beautiful, rare, imola yellow rs4.

2007 RS 4
74,000 miles

Feel free to contact me with any questions

EDIT (dad’s description):
I have to say I have had the privilege of owning a number of cars I’ve admired over the years and the RS4 has never ceased to amaze. I started with a variety of VWs, then on to the B7 S4, and of course had to upgrade to the RS4. It’s simply time to work down my list of dream cars and this one deserves a new home. (And I only have room for one extra car and thankfully a patient wife).

Certainly most know that Audi only imported ~2,000 of these cars to the US in 2007-08. The majority were dark grey so an RS4 in any color these days is a rare sighting. The online RS4 registry tracks ~60 RS4 produced in imola yellow making it a very rare car. 4.2L, 420hp, 6 speed manual, all the bells and whistles.

Car details: The car is equip with the premium package (Bose 10 speaker stereo and Nav system) as well as the cold weather package (heated leather seats front and rear). The car is virtually stock with two exceptions – 1) I added the lightweight crank pulley when the belt needed to be changed and 2) I went with stainless brake lines when the aging rubber units needed repair. The car is debadged and you can see I added an Audi racing sticker to the doors and painted the Audi emblem up front in matching imola yellow. Any of these changes can be reversed.

The car is in top mechanical condition (I wouldn’t have it any other way). It has NO known issues. People ask about carbon cleaning and yes, I have done this twice. Once at 40k. Then at 65k I found the intake runner flaps were binding (ovalled their pivot points). The entire intake manifold was replaced and the intake ports cleaned at 65k. The car breathes and runs like brand new.

Ownership: I have owned the car for the last 4 years. It is stored during winter and is my daily driver during summers in Minnesota. The car has a clean and clear title. I did not save the CarFax when I bought the car but seem to remember 2-3 previous owners. I could pull one now as I know it sometimes helps and a buyer seems likely to ask.

I would like to see the car go to someone who will care for it. I am not interested in trades or any other odd offers. I guess I am saying serious offers only. I am asking $32k which I believe represents the true value of this car.

Obviously the yellow rings and the stickers may turn off some people but luckily that can easily be remedied.

Is an RS 4 with 74,000 miles worth $32,000?  With (according to the owner) only @ 60 produced, it could be. It is a rare color on an ever increasingly rare Audi. I wonder if it is my buddy’s old car…maybe I should buy it for his birthday.

Find the ad HERE on our Facebook Audi Club North America – For Sale/Wanted Items page.