Find of the Day: 2007 Audi RS 4


words: Bill, photos: Zack Rossiter

There’s noting quite like the gnarly snarl of an Audi 4.2 V8 and combined with a manual, it’s a dream. We in the States didn’t get the B5 RS 4 so when the B7 showed up, it was well received. Most (ok…maybe some including me) would have preferred the Avant but little did we know that this would be the only RS 4 to be imported to the States, We longingly looked across the pond as enthusiasts romped around in their Avants…le sigh.

However, B7 RS 4s do come up for sale and this one looks great, especially in Dolphin Grey. Here’ the ad:

The time has come to sell my 2007 Rs4. I recently bought an RS3, and am looking to buy a house, so she has to go.
Miles: 109,350
I am the 3rd owner and have had the car since 2016. The car was purchased with 90k miles on the clock, and I have a clean PA title in hand.
Under my ownership, the car has had a carbon clean, new injectors, new spark plugs, coil packs, and new fuel filter, intake manifold gaskets. The car has also had routine fluid changes, and oil changes always done with oem filter, and Liqui Moly 5w/40. I have a folder of receipts for the majority of the work if not all of it.
The car does have a few tasteful mods:
Milltek non-resonated exhaust
JHM downpipes
Bilstein Coilovers to replace faulty DRC factory suspension
034 engine, transmission, and snub mounts to replace the worn-out factory mounts (street density, so they still feel like factory)
Girodisc 380mm front rotors
The OEM wheels were just refinished in the factory silver finish. Absolutely no curbing or bends.
No dents at all, and very few stone chips. Front and rear bumpers were resprayed to clean up some marks left by the previous owner, and a parking lot tap. I had the amber reflectors color matched at the same time to give it a similar look to the euro bumpers.
The car runs and drives fantastically, and the interior is in excellent condition. The only annoyances are the hinge on the glove box is broken, and an intermittent TPMS light.
I am happy to answer any questions and provide additional photos or information.
Thanks, everyone!

There were only about 2,000 B7 sedans imported to the States and while this one may have over 100k miles on it, it looks new. We all know that electrification is here and ICE is going the way of stagecoaches so you might as well enjoy it while you can. This Dolphin Grey example is listed on our Audi Club North America – Classifieds Facebook page for $29,500 HERE. Located in Lancaster, PA…which is about 1.5 hours from me. Hmmmmmm.