Find of the Day: 2002 Nimbus Grey Audi TT 225 Roadster

words: Bill, photos: TW Adamek

Almost from the moment the MK1 TT burst onto the scene, it gained a cult following. Jeremy Clarkson called the styling deliberately hip and cool but in his usual subtle sarcastic manner. And of course that lead into the usual ‘hairdresser’ jokes etc. But enthusiasts knew that this Audi was special especially when combined with a 225hp engine, 6 speed manual transmission, quattro, and the ultimate interior: baseball leather. This example has all that plus Nimbus Grey paint and…get this…only 31k miles. Wow. Here’s the ad:

Amazingly low miles! Beautiful Nimbus grey 02’ Audi TT, 6 Spd manual, and Quattro AWD. 31k Carfax verified miles, baseball leather seats, and new tires. This quick little coupe is a rare find in this configuration and milage. Come check it out at SportsCar Workshops VADLR

Now I admit…I’m not a huge fan of the MK1 TT but this one in this configuration has me all hibbity bibbity. The interior, the Nimbus Grey, the 6 speed manual, the quattro, the let’s-put-the-top-down-for-a-drive…*chef’s kiss*. MK1 TT fans know what’s what and they don’t care about the jokes. Look at an HPDE event held by an Audi Club chapter and you will see these little bulbous cars zooming around the track. I think there are several TTs between just 9 members of our Board of Directors! This example would be desirable even if it had 131k miles but even more so with 31k and the price reflects that. Offered on our Audi Club North America – Classifieds Facebook page at $18,700, I think it is worth it. You can find this Nimbus Grey TT 225 Roadster HERE.