Find of the Day: 2001 Nogaro Blue Audi RS 4 Avant

words: Bill, photos: Classic Cars South Westphalia

As I was searching for an Audi for last week’s Find of the Day: Throwdown Edition, I found this B5 RS 4 Avant in Nogaro Blue. Since we had a Canadian Audi Club member as a guest, we went with the Canadian 15 year import rule (the U.S. has a twenty five year rule). It totally should have won its category if not the whole show but I’m not salty…much. Now some may know this about me but the B5 generation is not my favorite. I know, heresy but this B5 has three things that wildy swings this into my dream category: Nogaro Blue, Avant, and it’s a freaking RS. Here’s the ad (translated from German):

Audi RS4, B5, in this color and in this condition an absolute rarity !!!

This RS4 B5 is a vehicle in a very nice condition and an absolutely rust and dent-free version in a nice color combination. The low mileage is well documented in the checkbook.

The overall condition will surely inspire you:

Net price: € 41,974.00

original 65,500 km from
Japan – Reimport  (therefore above average
maintenance ) In 2016 the vehicle was imported
Cruise control
Seat heating Automatic
climate control
Accident-free condition
Power steering
Checkbook Outside
mirrors electrically adjustable / heatable
Steering column electr. adjustable in depth and height

EU tailgate is included if required.

No winter operation, stainless state
headlight washers
BOSE sound system
air / driver-passenger airbag
Non smoking vehicle

This Avant is in almost showroom condition. Imported from Japan in 2016, it comes with an EU tailgate. Two tailgates for the price of one. For our Canadian friends, they can import this right now while us Americans can only look across the border in envy. This is listed at €49,950 ($58,700 USD) and only has 65,500 km (40,700 miles). If you get it, you have what should have totally won the Find of the Day (ok, still salty). You can find it HERE.