Find of the Day: 2001 Audi TT Roadster

words: Bill, photos: Ryan Bellman

Yes, I’m not a fan of the MK1 TT and I get abused for it daily but there are a few things that will make me love a MK1 TT: Nimbus Grey, baseball leather seats, Fat Five wheels, a manual…and this one ticks off all the boxes. This TT is a time capsule and I’ll let the ad describe why:

This is one of the cleanest Audi TTs you’ll ever come across. The first Gen TT is getting harder to find and this one is absolutely phenomenal.
-6 speed manual
-225 (the version with the bigger turbo)
-power convertible
-baseball glove interior
This car is a blast to drive with the best color and interior combo.
ONLY 34,464 MILES!!!!

Did you read that last line? Only 34,464 miles and it’s a manual. The price? $14,000. Not a bad price considering it’s a desirable exterior color/interior. The seller says that the timing belt has been done within the last 800 miles. If you are interested in having a classic in your garage, you can find it listed HERE. If I had the extra coin lying around, I would probably buy this and get ridiculed by my friends for doubting the beauty of the MK1 TT. Thanks to Chris for the heads up!