Find of the Day: 2001 724HP Audi S4

words: Bill, photos: New German Performance and Classic Auto Mall

Audi B5 S4, whether sedan or Avant, have acquired almost legendary status amongst Audi fans and this one is no exception. Finding a well sorted out example that is not ragged or rusty is getting harder these days so when we saw our friends over at New German Performance (NGP) post this one, we took a closer look. It also didn’t hurt that the caption for their picture was this:

Our dear friend Karl is selling his big-turbo S4. This was a no-stone-unturned NGP build with that included fresh motor build, Tial 770 turbos, EPL tuning, and a host brand new factory and performance aftermarket hardware. Bumper to bumper- if we could replace it or make it better, we did.

Ok…you have our attention. We clicked on the link provided to find out more.

On the floor of our massive showroom we are now graced with the presence of our first Audi, and this one happens to be a very special German wolf in sheep clothing. Lots of modifications and this car is extremely fast and nimble. Many hours spent on performance, and it retains mostly its original look…fabulous!

Draped in Brilliant Black, this car retains all of its original look. Integrated bumpers, aerodynamically designed headlights, a rounded front grille, swept back windshield, and perfectly aligned doors and wrap around rear quarter lets you cut through any Passat (and that does not mean VW!). A snazzy sunroof retracts to let the sky in on the roof, and sexy 18-inch Enkei wheels adorn all 4 corners.


Making the other two seats jealous, a Recaro all leather all black bucket seat is reserved for the pilot. Others are left with a snazzy two-tone gray insert tuck and roll with black bolsters and not to be too outdone, in leather and suede. Vibrant red instruments glow on a black background in front of the original steering wheel. This has an Aquamist gauge to keep track of the twin turbos underneath the hood in front. In the center of the seats is a CAE German shifter, and just above a Bluetooth sound system this is only out shouted by the engine. The headliner which frames the sunroof is nice and tight above, and the black carpet which floods the floor is tidy with no stains or fading.


You are going to want to stick around for this on. At a consigner stated 724hp this new 3.0 Liter V6 with twin Tial 770R turbos is a piece of German engineering jewelry that adorns the engine bay and sports a mere 8,000 plus miles on it since being installed. This engine has been ported and polished and started out as a 2.8 Liter CS with 30V heads. Electronic fuel injection works with the Tial 770R twin turbos to feed fuel and fossils to the mill at an alarming rate. A C90 6-speed transmission in manual form is strapped to the back of this healthy mill and pushes power back to a 4.11 rear. This only scratches the surface and a complete build sheet will come with the car detailing every move made with the ultimate intention to be to race this car in an SCCA class.

Unbelievably clean and rust-free underneath, with not even a hint of surface rust on any structural part. Porsche Cayenne disc brakes are all around and beefed up independent suspension is all around. The bottom end of the engine shows nary a drip of any oil and is dry as a bone overall. Obviously well cared for.


When someone says race car, I say we shall see, and this car did not disappoint. Started right up and let me tell you for free it has plenty of power! The car handles very well, slides into turns nicely, and has great braking, which with 724 horses going to all four wheels is extremely important. A goer and a shower it has won multiple awards, and is a nice comfortable cruiser to boot. Just don’t let anyone fool with you or they will be very sorry.


This is German engineering on steroids, with its Recaro seat, healthy re-engineered mill, Tila racing shifter attached to the 6-speed, twin turbos, and Cayenne brakes we give you an Auto Union of parts that make up a respectable race car. Summit Point here we come!

VIN Decode
U-Passenger Car
R-B5 Platform
D-2.7L V6 Bi-Turbo
6-Manual Belts, Front, Side & Head Airbags
X-Check Digit
A-Ingolstadt Assy Plant
135422-Sequential Unit Number

Talk about a bear in wolf’s clothing…there’s nothing we like more than a car that looks OEM but is not underneath. This is a clear example of the phrase Buy It Built and with this one being built by a company like NGP, you can’t go wrong. Find the ad HERE