Find of the Day: 1994 Audi S2 Avant

words: Bill, photos:

I know I’ve mentioned this ad nauseam but you can import RS2s into the States now that it’s 2019. Hurray but only if you have the money to find one that isn’t beat. However, there is a consolation prize and in itself, not a bad prize at all.

The RS2’s little brother is the S2. Unlike the Avant only RS2, the S2 came in an Avant, coupe, and the very rare sedan version. I’ve picked the Avant because who doesn’t love Avants? Powered by a 230hp 2.2L turbo 5, it’s no slouch.

Here’s the ad (translation by Google):

The car looks really clean with no visible damage or rust. Mileage is 179,900 kilometers (111,784 miles) and this can be yours for €28,500 ($32,505 USD). I love this OEM S2 Avant and if you don’t grab it, I may have to cash in my kid’s college fund for it.

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