Find of the Day: 1994 Audi RS2 Avant

words: Bill, photos: Stephen Gilligan

Yes this is our second Avant Find of the Day this week but really…you’re going to complain about this one? Actually, I don’t think anyone is complaining but I’ve been told in the past that I’m a little dramatic. This popped up on our Facebook Audi Club North America – Classified page yesterday and it’s causing quite a stir. I reached out to Stephen for some additional information and he was kind enough to send me that and more photos. Here’s the ad:

1994 Audi RS2 Avant
First RS2 imported to the United States (July 2019)
One owner
All service records since first 10,000km service
Original Owners manuals
And here is the additional information he sent me:
This RS2 was purchased by its single owner and delivered in Germany, the owner then exported the car back to his home in Japan. He moved to the UK and brought it with him where he then sold it to a dealer. While the RS2 was in the UK, it was featured in the March 2019 edition of Modern Classics magazine where it went Head to Head with a BMW M5 Touring; the RS2 came out on top. The car has every original owners manual as well as every service record from its first 10,000km service. It was the first RS2 to come into the US under the 25 year antique vehicle law and has remained in our possession for about a year. It has just over 137,000km on it which translates to 85,000 miles. The car is an all original example.

Polar Silver may not be the quintessential color like Nogaro Blue but it’s still a great color for a great car. We’ve featured other RS2 Avants as Finds of the Day and this is one of two for sale in the States. If you want to ride the RS Avant wave that is coursing through the States now, you can find this example for $80,000 HERE.