Find of the Day: 1994 Audi exclusive RS 2 in Porsche Oak Green

words: Bill Cho, photos:

The last time we featured a FOTD RS 2, it was a 1995 Polar Silver example with only 38,000 miles and was listed for €69,911.00 ($89,597.36 USD). This one can be had for quite a bit less and it’s a 1994 model which means you only have to wait a couple of months to legally import it to the States.

Located in Amsterdam at De Automobielfabriek, this RS 2 has 126,395 km (78,538 miles) and can be had for significantly less that the Polar Silver one above….just €49,950 ($56,993)! It has 40,000 more miles but what’s a few more miles compared to having a Porsche Oak Green RS 2?

There is not a lot of description in the ad other than a listing of what it has:

You can find it HERE and hopefully buy it.