Find of the Day: 1993 Audi S2 Avant with RS 2 Goodies

words: Bill Cho, photos:

Any conversation about which Audi is the most desirable and most likely, the RS 2 Avant is at or near the top of the list. Alas (at least for us in the States) we won’t be able to legally import one until 2019 because of the 25-year import laws not to mention the sky high prices that are listed for them. Rats.

However, there are options. In 1993, Audi produced the S2 Avant powered by the 230hp 2.2L turbo 5. 1993 + 25 years = joy for Americans who want an S2 Avant which were never imported to the States. One of my favorite sites to drool over is It’s the German equivalent of or Here you will find pretty much any unobtainable Audi your heart desires.

While there are several 1993 S2 Avants for sale all over Europe, this one caught my eye. It was first registered in March 1993 so if you bought it, you would only have to store it for a couple of months before shipping it. Also, it’s full of RS 2 and go fast parts.

My German is rusty but thanks to Google Translate, the engine has had extensive work and claims  643hp:

Engine: Audi RS2 fuselage, new drilled / honed, JE piston coated, H shaft connecting rod, ARP stud for cylinder head, crankshaft and connecting rod. Machined cylinder head, measured and processed on the floating bench every intake and exhaust duct are exactly the same! Mechanical valve train from Schrick with 7A camshafts, SPEED 8200U / min !!!! Out-inlet valves high gloss polished, adjustable NW Rad Dahlbäck, valve cover from the 3B engine, Siemens DEKA 630 cc nozzles matched to 4 bar with 728 cc, Motorsport gasoline pump, Wagner suction tube coated, New Garrett GTX 35 with elbow, 3 “bifurcated pipe with exhaust system, intake pipe 100mm with HKS air filter installed in the wheel arch, new clutch 700nm special pressure plate with Sachs 6 segment sintered disc, relieved one-way flywheel 7kg from CCC Motorsport, new refurbished Reinforced S4 / RS4 DSY transmission, Forge 40mm blow off, Wagner charge air kit complete with traverse, 16 rows oil cooler, oil separator, splitter fan with orig. Radiator, Porsche GT3 spark plugs, new ignition system in conjunction with VEMS tuned by LABE Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

In addition to the engine work, this S2 Avant’s suspension and brakes have been upgraded. It sits on Porsche twist wheels (I prefer the OEM S2 Avus wheels), the Recaro seats look to be in great shape, and RS 2 parts are installed such as the 3 spoke steering wheel, mirrors, rear spoiler, washer nozzles, and speedometer.

Did I mention that it only has 140,900 kilometers (87,551 miles)?

The price tag reflects the amount of work done to this S2 Avant: a whopping €36,000 ($42,838.20 USD) plus you would have to add in shipping costs. As I mentioned before, there are several S2 Avants for cheaper but you won’t find another one like this one ready to go.

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