Find of the Day: 1992 Audi S2 Coupe quattro

words: Bill, photos: KFZ Maurer

With the earlier Audi RS2 Avant legal to import into the States now, the prices of them have slowly started to rise. That in turn is dragging the lesser sporty Audi vehicles upwards in price also. But some vehicles are worth it and I think this is one of them. Some may prefer the Avant over the coupe and while I love Avants, there’s something about a Coupe quattro that I prefer over this generation’s Avant. It being an S2 version is just icing on the cake. Those 17in Avus wheels slay me.

Here’s the ad:

It’s listed at €26,200 ($28,655), has 158,000 kilometers (98,176 miles), and is located in Austria. Add a few thousand dollars for fees, shipping, paperwork etc and you’ll probably feel that it just may be worth it to shop for an RS2 Avant. The cheapest one I can find right now sits at €30,000 ($32,188) but it has over 100,000 more kilometers and it’s beat. The prices for the S2 Coupe quattro and Avant are going to climb higher so you might as well get a very clean version for a ‘decent’ price now.

If you’re interested, you may find this S2 Coupe quattro HERE