Find of the Day: 1991 Audi 200 20V Avant on Bring a Trailer

Remember Ambassador Automobile, the small New Jersey? Kevin Ginsberg, the owner and former guest on our podcast, has built a niche in hard-to-find and well-preserved old Audi models. Kevin’s a regular on auction sites like Bring-a-Trailer for the cars he finds. Take for example this 1991 200 20V in ’90s-tastic Pearl White Metallic.

If you didn’t know, 1991 is the only year the C3 Audi 200 came with the 20-valve version (3B) of Audi’s venerable 5-cylinder turbocharged engine. A manual was the only transmission offered, though Audi of America did bring both the sedan and Avant body styles to the USA.

This was the era of sleepers, and the cars wore little if no designation of their extra power. You’ll see just a four-ring logo on the back, but de-badged in true Euro bahn burner style, augmented with subtly flared fenders and 15-inch BBS 2-piece mesh wheels.

Granted, the 200 20V doesn’t have the notoriety of the ur quattro, but aficionados of ’80s/’90s era Audis will know it just the same. And it might be more obscure. This example’s not short on mileage with 172,000 on the odometer, but these are robust cars if cared for and this one certainly appears to be well-loved. With just three days left to go, bidding is sitting at $8,100, so it might be worth checking it out if you want to jump in on one of the best vintage Audi models from the 5-cylinder era.

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