Find of the Day: 1990 Audi 100 Sedan

photos: Brian Skorski

Meet Brian Skorski. He’s an Audi Club NEQ member and owner of Coat ‘n’ Go Automotive Detailing LLC. While you may not know Brian personally, you’ve probably seen his Audis at events all over the Northeast. You see, Brian has a problem…he loves classic Audis. He’s owned many of them and every one is meticulously detailed and so mechanically perfect, it hurts. This 1990 Audi 100 sedan is one of those Audis. Here’s the ad:

*Due to overwhelming response – first come first serve! Price is firm, no deposits no holds*

Time capsule 1990 Audi 100. One of the cleanest, best maintained examples you’ll be able to find – I’ve spent the last 8 years with this car but it’s time to be enjoyed by someone else. Fully paint corrected and ceramic coated. Custom 1 of 1 gray/navy velour interior which was done with all genuine parts. 2.3L 5 cylinder FWD automatic.

Within the last several years it’s all been gone through/refreshed no expense spared. All electronics work. Timing belt is good for another 3-4 years, tires are 2017 with ~5000 miles on them. Exhaust was mostly redone along with a new catalytic converter. Transmission gaskets/filter done as well. The *only* thing it needs right now is an AC compressor as it began to leak last month. A replacement unit is in the trunk. It’s been converted to 134a already though. Window sticker/paperwork included.

Some may look at this 100 and scoff since it’s not quattro nor has a manual transmission but this thing is concours ready. With only 70,800 miles, it looks like it just came off the factory line. To quote Indiana Jones, That belongs in a museum! And from the 1st line in the ad, it looks like a lot of people want it. If you would like this pristine 1990 Audi 100 sedan, you may find it on Facebook Marketplace HERE. And keep an eye out for other very clean, very meticulous Audis at shows in the Northeast…more than likely, they are Brian’s.