Find of the Day: 1987 Audi GT

words: Bill, photos: Theresa Barton

The Audi Ur-quattro is climbing in price as every decent example (and not so decent) is snapped up. We’ve featured a couple like this one and this one. The former is priced at $46,000 and the latter at $85,000…not a price everyone can afford but what if there was an alternative?

This is where the Audi GT steps in. While FWD instead of quattro, it still came with the 5-cylinder of its more well equipped sister. And, better yet, the price of surviving examples hasn’t skyrocketed yet. That this one for sale of Connecticut. Here’s the ad:



front wheel drive , 5 speed manual

88750 miles

80’s Audi GT Rally flash back! This is a well maintained and cared for example. Upon being woken from a long well tempered storage visit it has been refreshed with:

Clutch, water pump, timing chain, shocks, tires,fluids, wipers, battery, and paint touch up. Equipped with period correct sport seats, and steering wheel. The digital dash has also been waking up however still intermittent the more we have been driving it the more frequently it has been working. The gauges all seem accurate.

Fun to drive with Audi’s unique 5 Cylinder note (Sound from the exhaust that is unique to this vehicle) Shifts through the gears wonderfully and twists and turns through the back roads as it did when it was first introduced.

With the exception of the interior, I love it…even the paint job. While the ad claims they’re period-correct, the seats and the steering wheel are not my style but easily replaceable. While some , may think that $9,500 is a tad high, this looks to be in good condition and has low-ish miles. If you want to jump on it before prices start rising, you can find this GT HERE.