Find of the Day: 1987 Audi 5000S Sedan

It’s fair to say that the more obviously collectible cars from 1980s Audi lineup almost always include the word “quattro” or “turbo” in the name… and preferably both of these monikers. Even still, any pristine example of specimen from this increasingly rare era of car is worthy of note. Take for instance this 1987 Audi 5000 S sedan found that’s popped up in Gaithersburg, MD.

Without the aforementioned badges, this 5000 S is an obviously more tame example. It’s front-wheel drive and powered by a normally aspirated version of Audi’s venerable 2.3-liter inline five-cylinder engine. Painted dark blue and with a partially grey and black non-leather interior, it’s clearly on the conservative side of the spectrum of 1987 models from Audi. Even still, it speaks to a time when cars were simpler, but driving was more technical in that it also features a manual transmission.

This particular car also appears to have been caught in a time warp. It has covered just 58,570 miles and looks much as it must have appeared as it rolled out of the dealership…. including some cool period correct Audi keyrings no less.

This car was brought to our attention via a tipster who works at, the site where the car was listed for sale (HERE) and also on the dealer’s own website (HERE). It appears to be in the inventory of Gaithersburg, MD-based Performance Auto Gallery that specializes in collector cars. At $7500, it’s definitely on the higher side of Audi 5000 pricing… and yet we’d challenge you to find one this clean or with this sort of mileage. To the right buyer, we suspect that’s a fair price as similarly specced cars go for quite a bit more in Germany where the collectibility of these 80s era Audi models tends to lead the trend.