Find of the Day: 1986 Treser Audi Quattro With RS 2 Engine

words: Bill, photos: Marcusbil AS

For Audi fans, especially ones of a certain age, Treser evokes memories of wild and unusual cars but what some may not know is that the genius behind Treser is Walter Treser. I’ll admit that my Treser knowledge is a bit…how do you say…lousy but if you want to learn more about him and his creations, check out this article from The Truth About Cars.

So why am I bringing up Walter Treser in this Find of the Day? Behold in front of you a pristine example of one of his finest pieces of engineering: a 1986 Audi Quattro.

Here’s the ad (translated from Norwegian):










View only by appointment! Call for viewing!

Please note that we do not respond to requests that do not have a full name and telephone. No. / mail address

Crazy raw car!

Remodeled by Treser in Germany and approved with RS2 engine and gearbox.
EVERYTHING is approved! and the car is registered on Norwegian signs.

Notice chairs and dashboards!
The entire car is covered in black leather.

This is a car that only rises in value!

Much more to write!
Serious buyers ring!


As you can see, someone at one time put an RS2 engine and gearbox into this beauty. The interior is clean (I would swap out the modern looking stereo for an original example) and no rust is seen. The description could be better but it’s a gamble I’m willing to bet on. This example only has 165,784km (103,013 miles) and even better, the price is 597,383kr or $64,957…that’s a steal! You can find the Treser Quattro HERE.