Find of the Day: 1962 DKW Munga

For those hoping to build an esoteric collection of vintage Audi models, we have just the thing. A 1963 DKW Munga Jeep has popped up as a lot in the Lucky Collector Car Auctions Spring Classic. While not exceptionally rare in Europe, few of these Jeep-like 4x4s ever made it to the USA and so they’re a treat when encountered.

Like many post war pre-turbocharger Audi models, the Munga isn’t the fastest option in this segment. It sports a 2-stroke 3-cylinder engine with 900cc displacement. All that said, as a 4×4 with the 4-rings on the grille, it is likely the eldest grandfather of the modern quattro all-wheel drive system.

This particular Munga appears to be army spec military green with green roof. It is well preserved and will be auctioned on May 13 at the LeMay Marymount Event Center located at 325 152nd St E Tacoma, WA 98445.

In case you are wondering, that is the same town and same automotive facility where the 2018 Audi Club Nationals will be visiting next August. Theoretically, you could purchase this thing and find a local dealer to hold it for you until Nationals should you be so inclined and should you let us serve as that little devil on your shoulders.

More information here on Craigslist and also on the auction’s own website.