Feature Car: Kirby and her Carribean Blue S4

words: Ryan Ponto, photos: Karl Lee / @karlleephoto

Editor’s Note: This article originally ran in the Q3_2023 issue of quattro Magazine. If you would like to subscribe to quattro Magazine, please join Audi Club here.

Donna, a.k.a. Kirby, is one of the newer members of Audi Club Western Canada, living in Calgary, Alberta. She originally fell in love with Audi when she first drove an A4 back in 2013.

By 2018 she’d finally obtained her first Audi, leasing a Q5 that she enjoyed for the next three years. Before this, Kirby had tried numerous brands, everything from BMW and Mercedes to Mini and Kia. Every time she was still drawn back to Audi for their feeling from the driver’s seat, from the premium feel and touch points to how it drives.

After her Q5 lease ended, she sought something a little more engaging and landed on her first S car, a 2018 S4. She loves everything about it, especially the sportiness that makes it such a fantastic vehicle to drive especially on those mountain road trips. Her favorite part is the rush she gets when stepping on the throttle and really opening the car up, which she admits happens more often than not.

One thing Kirby didn’t realize until purchasing her S4 is that there is so much more to the car world than just owning and driving one. She quickly learned how infectious the modification bug really is. Her S4 is currently on its second vinyl wrap, now looking top-notch in the Caribbean Blue film installed by Wrap it Styles in Calgary. She’s also updated the front end with an RS grille from Can Auto Performance, carbon fiber rear spoiler and diffuser, carbon mirror caps and of course the front lip and fog cover splitters in carbon to tie it all together.

The S4 is lowered on 034Motorsport springs, and she also fitted new 20-inch Rohana wheels to complete the look of the car. In the future she wants to update more of the interior, and maybe head down the rabbit hole of more power via tuning, exhaust, intakes and who knows what else.

Beyond her love for the car, she shares that the other bonus she learned about in her S4 experience was meeting other people in the car community. Kirby says she is so grateful to all of her close friends (most of whom seem to drive an Audi too… go figure). The networking began on social media and locally through Audi Club Western Canada.  Audi Club couldn’t be happier to have Kirby and her friends involved as they really bring a positive attitude and have been so fantastic at helping Audi Club Western Canada continue to grow.