FCP Euro – Audi Supercharger Intercooler – Mahle Behr

source: FCP Euro

Good news for all 3.0T SC owners – FCP Euro has received a shipment hard to find Mahle- Behr (OEM manufacturer) charge coolers (the units inside the supercharger). Best part of this? They are only priced at $107.99 each which is less than 1/3 the price of the OEM part. Each application takes two.

Fitments include pretty much every common 3.0t SC application including B8/8.5 S4, B8.5 S5, C7/7.5 A6/A7, D4 A8, 8R Q5/SQ5, and 4L Q7. Reach out to FCP Euro to validate fitment to your 3.0T. You can find these HERE.