‘Fall Guy’ Movie Audi Q8 Product Placement

The Audi brand has a long history of product placement in movies and event TV. And while spots like the S8 in Ronin or the many Iron Man and Avengers appearances tend to offer more screen time and “hero car” prestige, we’re also fans of spotting supporting roles as well. Take for instance the black pre-facelift Q8 that turns up in the latter half of The Fall Guy.

A remake of the ’80s TV show by the same name, this movie may have had some chips stacked against it. TV reboot feature movies like Charlie’s Angels or Dukes of Hazzard haven’t been all that memorable. Going for it, the lead actors in the film included Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt who both contributed to major summer blockbusters of 2023.


In case you weren’t a fan of the original TV show, The Fall Guy of that era focused on Colt Sievers, a Hollywood stunt man who side hustled as a private investigator. And, like pretty much every 80s P.I. show short of Magnum, The Fall Guyhad GMC product placement and plenty of car chases with stunts.

Like a lot of ’80s TV reboots, creators also didn’t bother sticking entirely with the more serious (for the 80s) tone and instead dialed up comedy. In this case though, it wasn’t done in a cheesy way. In fact, it’s a love affair to hollywood stunt persons in general, and with an enjoyable amount of easter egg call backs to the show, to the genre and even to the original Colt Sievers – Lee Majors in the form of a cameo and a token Bionic Man sound effect.

Back to the product placement, this movie has marketed its tie-in with GM. There’s a vintage look-alike truck GMC K-series pickup truck true to the show, a more modern GMC pickup built to look like it, and also a GMC Hummer EV camera car. Later in the movie though, there’s also a black Q8 that pops up being driven by a supporting character.

Was the Q8’s inclusion just another easter egg harkening Hollywood tradition? Audi’s been around many studio lots over the years, so it wouldn’t surprise us.

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