VAG Fair in York, PA August 9

Date/Time :
All Day

Types :

This show is a go !!!
We have been working with the Dept of Health and CDC to bring yet another great event.

We will ask you to wear masks when social distancing cannot be had. Public bathrooms and public areas are a must.

We will have sanitizing stations set up thru out the show field.

I will be enforcing this. If you disagree great stay home. We have an extremely successful event last weekend here in Maine and everyone was in compliance. These rules are set by the state. Not by me, so follow them so we don’t look like entitled pricks.

Vendors and sponsors let’s go !!!

So far we have
Ep autohaus
Counter kulture
Junk styles low life’s.
Hanover VW
Redline performance
Jltc parts
York VW
THE VW Garage
Peoples Car.
New German Performance
And more.

VW will be sending out stuff for us to pass out to people.

Awards will be given to the winners after judging is done.

We are looking for Madness cars aka Mutts nuts class.

We spent countless hours to make this event happen. Any questions please feel free to reach out via Direct Facebook message, email @ [email protected] or my cell 717 683 2222.

We have pulled it off once now and should be a great time.

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