NEQ – 2019 Artie Mayhew Memorial WDS #1

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The 2019 Winter Driving season will soon be upon us. The challenge this year will be to outdo the successful 2018 season.  We have coordinated with AMEC, our winter driving partners, and we are planning two winter schools on these Saturdays, January 19thand February 2nd. Alternate dates should we have to reschedule are February 16, or March 2.

Each school will be run as a separate event so sign up for one or both events and stay tuned for updates.  Locations and confirmed dates will be determined as the winter progresses.

REMEMBER – Winter events held on frozen lakes are very dependent on the weather and Ice conditions so be prepared for schedule changes.  We make every attempt to keep everyone informed of schedule updates keeping in mind that many participants travel long distances.

We charge credit cards ONLY after the event is confirmed. Cancelation fees apply only if YOU cancel on a confirmed event. If the event is canceled or rescheduled and you bow out due to scheduling conflicts you are off the hook for any penalty fees.

We will open the events on MotorsportReg before the end of the year or possibly the first week of January.

Everyone who registers will be waitlisted initially and if the event oversells admission will be by lottery so there is no need to register the second the event opens.  We will close registration in time to notify those who get in so you can make travel plans etc.

Actual locations for the schools will not be known until conditions on the lakes are verified. The locations will likely be the usual lakes – Lake Algonquin in Wells NY, Caroga Lake, Caroga Lake NY and Warner’s Lake near East Berne NY a few miles east of Albany. We look forward to a successful Winter Driving season.

Feel free to contact me with questions or input.  And remember we welcome friends and family members to come along and observe and if they would like to volunteer during the event that would be appreciated too.

Dave Klock

Winter School Event Master

[email protected]


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