Audi Club Indiana – December GTG – Scotty’s Brewhouse on 96th

Audi Club Indiana - December GTG - Scotty's Brewhouse on 96th


12:30 pm - 2:30 pm


Scotty's Brewhouse on 96th
3905 E 96th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46240

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Scotty’s Brewhouse on 96th St
3905 E 96th St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

I was talking with Michael a bit today and said he would be happy to volunteer to pick our venues for us every month. (I’m sure he is more than open to suggestions!!) Part of my problem is I have been so horribly busy that the announcements have come later and later causing all sorts of havoc. During our discussion he also suggested that we should get back to a set date for everyone to be able to plan a bit better… So with that, we are going back to having the GTG on the 3rd Saturday of each month!!

December 15th will be our next GTG and we are going to Scotty’s on 96th Street. Well.. Scotty’s might have been my idea… lol But at any rate, I applaud the help and hope this is a nice change for the new year for all of us. 🙂

Thanks much and hope to see you all soon!! ..and show off my new snow tires and wheels! :p