Audi Club Golden Gate Welcomes You To Legends of the Autobahn™ Presented By Michelin

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7:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Come join your fellow German Automotive Enthusiasts at this fun event by planning to be a part of the Legends of the Autobahn™ presented by Michelin Concours, and Audi Club West Coast Meet on August 24, 2018.  As in prior years the event is jointly organized by the BMW, Mercedes Benz and Audi Clubs.  Audi Club North America – Golden Gate Chapter is organizing Audi’s participation at this very popular annual event held during Monterey Car Week. Expect to see and enjoy the over 700 German cars that frequent this unique event. The cars and their owners of the local and national chapters of the Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz car clubs come from far and wide to display their cars.  Audi Club is proud to welcome all Audi owners whether you are a member or not. We invite our local non-ACNA Audi Clubs to participate, including NorCal Audi Club and Quattro Crew, all for the greater love of all things Audi.

NEW FOR 2018:

We have added two new elements to the event for additional fun this year.

  • Audi participants are invited to the all club, (Audi, BMW and Mercedes owners) Friday night dinner, held from 6pm to 10pm, at the Nicklaus Club.
  • The Audi club is also invited to join the BMW club at their hospitality tent race viewing area at Turn 5 at Laguna Seca for the Rolex Monterey Historic races on Saturday and Sunday. This event, called Festorics, is similar to Audi Club’s Turn-5 event hosted at Laguna Seca races in the past.  The cost includes entry to the track, and hospitality area plus special parking close to the race viewing area.  Beverages and snacks are provided, and meals can be purchased at the time of registration.   More details are described during the registration process.

All our Audis will be displayed on the fairway adjacent to the Clubhouse. This is your chance to show off your detailing skills in a classic low key “Concours like” event.

We will award Concours Car trophies three deep in the following five classes; plus, Audi Best of Show:

  • Four Rings Classic – Audi (1995 and earlier), DKW, NSU, Wanderer, and Horch
  • Audi Sports – R8, TT, and A-5, 2-door cars, including all S (but not RS variants)
  • Audi Sedan – All newer 4-door sedans and Q cars including all A, S (but not RS variants)
  • Audi Modified for Performance *

* Modified for performance means cars substantially modified in both major car component areas; 1) engine and drive train; and 2) suspension/braking systems. Cosmetic modifications do not count for this class (e.g. changing brake pads alone does not qualify for a suspension/brake system modification, but high-performance rotors, pads, and major suspension mods would qualify an entrant in category 2 plus mods in category 1 to qualify in this class).

  • RS Cars – All Audi RS model cars (New this year)

We don’t want to limit your thinking by calling this event a “Concours” since most of our cars are driven daily. However, your car should be clean and waxed, but we will not be checking for items like matching serial numbers and original equipment.  The Concours cars are equitably scored but we don’t want to take ourselves too seriously so a fun, low-key event is assured.

Regular registration closes August 1st, and Late Registration (+$10 Display car, +15 Concours car) closes August 14th. However, registration may close sooner if we reach the maximum number of cars allowed on the fairway.  So, avoid disappointment and register early.

Adding to your day’s enjoyment, there will be food, beverages, and auto regalia available in a festival-like atmosphere within a beautiful setting. All registered cars will receive one special SWAG bag, containing an event program, special Audi gift, and other items from event sponsors.

There are several options for food at the show.  Food may be purchased at the show, or it can be pre-purchased during the registration process.  Breakfast buffet at $19.75 (breakfast will close at 9:45 allow for lunch set up), buffet lunch held outside at $34.75, and a special “sit down” VIP lunch inside the clubhouse at $52.75.

Once you have registered, it will be possible to modify your registration by adding additional purchases.  However, there will be a cutoff date August 1st for any changes to your registration.

As in prior years, there will be a Biergarten at the event providing free beer for qualified individuals.

If you have questions aboutLegends of the Autobahn™, please contact Pat O’Neal at [email protected]  or Andy Immel at [email protected].

Audi Concours Judging Information

The judging rules are not complicated.  For the most part, arrive with a clean and polished car, and it is likely you will do well.  Cars are judged objectively for attention to detail, and cleanliness, by at least four judges, using numerical values in six categories;

  • Body
  • Interior
  • Engine Compartment
  • Paint
  • Tires/Wheels
  • Age: There will be a sliding scale of bonus points based on the cars age so new cars don’t have an unfair advantage over older ones.

Accessories do not necessarily provide you with a higher score. Audi Judges do not score their own cars, if entered.   If event officials feel that you have not entered the correct class, we reserve the right to move you to a different class. We will let you know if changes are necessary. You may also contact Andy Immel, Chief Judge, at [email protected] with questions.

We hope you will join us at Legends and register here CLICK Here to Register*

*Remember, after you have registered, you can change elements of your registration using the registration number you will be sent once you have completed your original registration.

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