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Audi Open Track Day 2021: For Intermediate and Advanced Drivers at Thunderhill 3-Mile

Welcome to the registration for “Audi Open Track Day 2021”. This ONE-day High Performance Driving Event will be held September 17th on the 3-mile course at Thunderhill Raceway Park covering the 2.87 miles of a pristine track with 15 turns in the challenging Cyclone configuration.

What is “Audi Open Track Day 2021”

Golden Gate Chapter returns to the 3-mile course at Thunderhill Raceway Park, outside of Willows California.  The 2021 Audi Open Track Day event is for intermediate and advanced drivers. Since there will be no formal, pre-organized instruction, all participants must be deemed safe to drive “solo” on the 3-mile Course at Thunderhill. For solo drivers who have not driven Thunderhill, demonstration laps with Golden Gate Chapter instructors may be arranged on an informal basis. Please review the detailed requirements as part of the registration process. Contact the registrar if you are unsure if you can register.

Thunderhill provides a special and unique location to learn about your car and yourself and also to raise your driving skills and awareness in an environment that is fun and safe. You will also be able to meet and socialize with a diverse group of Audi Club enthusiasts who drive many different brands of cars, so don’t hesitate to join us if your chosen vehicle is not an Audi.

Lots of Track Time!

At Audi Open Track Day 2021 we are focusing on maximizing on-track time for intermediate and advanced drivers. With only three run groups you can expect to benefit from at least five 20+ minute on-track sessions during the day.

Driver Qualification Requirements

Due to the one-day nature of this event we will not be accepting First-Timer or Novice drivers. For the safety of all, registrants must fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Solo’d at a previous Audi Club Golden Gate Chapter event on the 3-mile course at Thunderhill.
  2. Solo’d at previous Audi Club events on at least two other tracks (subject to pre-approval from Chief Instructor)
  3. Solo’d on the 3-mile course at Thunderhill at a previous event with another driving club (subject to verification by Chief Instructor)

If you are unsure about your status or wish to obtain pre-approval, please contact the club’s Chief Instructor, David Vrane.

Drivers will be aggregated into Run Groups which will be established to allow them to be on track with other drivers of similar experience.  Limited demonstration laps or coaching with Golden Gate Chapter instructors may be available (but not guaranteed) for drivers who so wish.  Please inform the event master as soon as possible if you would like demo laps or coaching.

Please note that you must be a current member of the Audi Club North America.  If you are not a current member, please click on the following link and become a member Join ACNA.  Please send a copy of your membership email confirmation to the event master so that your member number can be obtained and added to your profile quickly.

Event Details

The event will take place on Friday, September 17, 2021. Check-in will open at 7:00 am and there will be a mandatory All Drivers’ Meeting at 7:45 am. All cars must have passed a technical inspection prior to participant registration and each participant must show documentation of the inspection. ACGG will not be carrying out any Tech inspections at the track for this event.

The track will open at approximately 6:30 am on September 17th. Lunch will be served at the track, and is included in the registration price. The track will close at approximately 6pm. There will be no social activities organized for this event. More details will be sent to you as part of the welcome packet, which will arrive by email, approximately one week prior to the event.

Costs and other details

We are implementing tiered pricing for this event. The more people that sign up, the lower the cost. Encourage your track buddies to sign up!

Pricing Tiers
Less than 55 $400
55-64 $380
65-75 $340
More than 75 $325






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